Monday, September 7, 2009

Last one!

Luke and Olivia are headed back to school tomorrow. Here are their final two blogs. Liv is not entirely ready to give up her blog so she may be posting more yet and said that there's always next summer. Luke just made a face. CM

The curtain opens. New adventure! When we went camping we picked blueberries, did wine tasting, and played around. (Daddy was in France) When we went to Nature’s Kennel, we helped feed and walk the dogs, swim and play hide and seek. When we went Camp Dearborn, we swam. At Bella’s birthday we read and played with Bella. Kenny’s birthday we played with bubbles. At Maeve’s we swam and played carnival games. In France we read, walked, hiked, and played a lot. When we went to Minnesota, we went to the state fair and played with Drew. We also saw Mrs. Kristyn when she was camping.We also went to the Renaissance Festival we watched jousting and played fencing. My brother won, but it was still my favorite. Finally, yesterday Uncle Ben had a hamburger and hot dog roast. I played with Bella. With that final act, the curtains close, and another show……….BEGINS!!!!!!


Summary of the summer day
Oh, you`re probably thinking about how I just write reviews every day on games. Hunh? But no! Today is 発音記号表!! (that`s Portuguese.) I`m writing about the things I did! (Evil laugh… HAHAHAHAHA!) The best parts of my summer were: France, camp, camping, and the state fairs, plus the Renaissance fair. I`ve already written about France and the camp (see camp mirage series.). So, during camping it was mostly, reading, walking, and helping around camp. Almost all the stuff I did with Uncle Ben was games and such. Also, all the adults did some wine tasting, and then bought some. During the last few days of our trip, my grand-father brought us down to the beach, where I and my sister made friends with some people and wanted to stay longer when we had to leave. After that we ended up with the Minnesota state fair. Mom`s friend, Sue, offered for us to stay at her house during our stay. We did lots of stuff out side when we were there like base ball. But the best thing was the state fair. It was ab-sol-ute-ly HUGE!! Although similar to our state fair, it was wayyyyyyyyy different! Also, Drew, (Sue and Damon`s three year old son.) would yell a lot before bed: “MO-MEE!! DA-DEE!!! It`s time for bed!!!” It was actually kinda` funny. When we did our fair back home, that was fun too. But best of all, was the renaissances fair. I left with three souvenirs: one bought, one lived and another watched. I had bought a tooth necklace, I did fencing match and watched a tournament. All –in-all I probably had the best summer yet!!!!!!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One, two, three, jump, sweep!

Today we did stunting and learned our dance. Stunting was part of it so we practiced it. The stunt we do is in the beginning. It’s called the sweep. It’s basically like the cradle but you, instead of throwing her, sweep your hand out and do the same thing. Our dance is hip hop. We only learned half. Also, today, Clair, Sarah’s sister came. Most of the time we did dance and stunting. I’m so excited! Tomorrow, after Thursday, on Friday, we’ll perform at the BBQ. On that happy note, I’ll leave.


Camp Mirage Siege of the forbidden age part 3

Today, wasn`t bad at all. We didn`t do any challenges of other camps, we played gaga and got to make siege engines (WWWHHHHHHOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!! JJJJ JJ). What happened when we started was we did a song and then found our counselors, which was when we started our catapults. (Evil laugh time.) What it was it was mostly was assembling the body and then using 6 pieces to make the arm. It actually took us a while but we finished it. Which during the brakes we did the canteen, and Gaga, both of which was fun (`cept for the fact I had no money to spend…). At the gaga pit we did a fun game of it aganst Dan’s camp (`cept for Jerkiodo.) which I lost the grudge. After we finally finished the catapult I and another caper got into a catapult war, which I got him with my messed-up-but-that-only-made-it-better catapult in the fore head which all four of us thought was funny, even him!! Really it was as fun as the first day…


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Camp Mirage Siege of the forbidden age day two

Today was a so-so day. I had got hit in the face, got a fat lip, and was made fun of by stupid Cm favs jerks. The only good part was we won two challenges and those were ones I think I`ve done before, and that we won two gaga matches aganst them. One of which I won. Originally we were supposed to make catapults but the kits that we supposed to use where not here. So Dan`s camp, which had the guy who nailed me in the face, challenged us to a match of castle ball and I got out a few times but even though they outnumbered us we put up a great fight, as we knocked out a lot of their players in including the guy who hit me. (I don`t like him at all…) Before that mess, we did the challenges of the balance and the pipes, in the pipes as it said we had to use the pipes we got and tried to: A) make it touch all our pipes, B) get it to the goal without it touching someone, C) not let it touch the ground. In the balance game we had to keep a plate form balanced for at least thirty seconds and it’s harder than it sounds, the thing leaned to the left and so what we did was we put the lightest people on one end and the medium people on the right, with people like me on the middle. It took a lot of tries, but actually it was pretty fun. The overall worst part was getting hit in the face because when we knocked out the guy who hit me he was whining at the dungeon and chucking balls at our castle ( I wish he was not in the game, but so what???). Anyway, it wasn`t so bad at the camp just the only bad day thing was : JACOB (From CMSOT.) was on the other team!?!?! IT really wasn`t that bad `cept for the one part…


Today at camp we did :
The chacha slide
2 new cheers
The cradle
Thigh stand
The cradle is like double base but after you get her up you throw her up into the air and catch her.the rest you know except the two cheer s.tomorrow I’ll do those. I have to go now.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Boom, Clash, Lightning, Flash!

Mom note: Olivia explained as I typed! Whew! She had drawn lots of pictures and then had to narrate the pictures for me.

Today I went to Camp Mirage. My camp is called so you think you can dance and cheer camp. Today we did stunting, the waltz, a jump, and a cheer. What we did in stunting was this there was two bases (the bottom who are lifting up.) a backdrop, (who holds the flier and helps.) and, last but not least, a flier. (who is on top and the one people throw and lift.) I was a flier. (of course!) The stunts we did were the elevator and something else like it. Here’s how you do it the elevator
1. The two bases stand with their feet crossed together with the other person’s. One leg is back farther than the other and the front leg is bent so that from their knee down is a straight line with the other person’s.
2. The backdrop lifts the flier up and puts her on the bases hands which they have cupped on their thighs so her feet can fit there.
3. And then they start lifting her up slowly until she’s about head height and through it all, the backdrop holds her waist and at the end the backdrop holds her ankles when they lift her up.
4. And then, this is how we did it though, she goes into a bear hug and the backdrop is holding her waist and the two bases move and she drops down.
The other one which I cannot remember the name of
1. You do the same thing except you don’t lift her up you just keep her waist high.
The third one is the hopper.
1. The two bases stand straight with their feet and then they have their hands in the same position and the backdrop is holding the flier’s waist and she bends down and prepares to jump and then she with the backdrops help jumps onto the bases hands and then the bases bounce down a bit and then straighten out and hold her up.
We did the waltz for a while, then learned a jump. It went like this. You have your hands on your hips with your feet together and then you bring your hands up and clap and then you put your hands so that they are like in a circle you don’t have your fingers but just in the place where your thumb is separated from the rest and bring it up above your head. The next part is kind of quick really quick you jump and bring your arm out and bring your right foot up to it and put your other hand on you hip and kick your other foot up and you land with your hands on your hips. We also learned a dance. Actually a cheer. It went like this. You start with your hands on your hips and then I’ll sing the song afterwards. So you hands on your hips and then you clap and then clap and then clap twice and then you bend your knees and bring your hands down to your thighs and put them there and then you straighten out and put your arms in a straight line parallel to each other and then you bring one arm over like that and then kick the leg that is like it like your right leg and your right arm and kick them backwards and then turn your head backwards and then this part comes rally fast you bring everything back and then you clap and then you clap and then you clap twice and then you do the same thing. Here’s the song : Thunder and lightning will put you to the test bang crash lightning flash jaguars are the best jaguars are the best.
After that we had to go home. I hope tomorrow just as much fun!!!!!

Camp Mirage-Siege of the forbidden age

Today was, in words: Awesome, outrageous, cool, funny, totally unnerving, and sweet! I did the fly trap in the beginning, and I think that one kid was using some words of a song or singing a song, and then I saw some of my old friends, Dennis, (from Camp Mirage splashes of time.) and also Jacob, (also from CMSOT.) but only Dennis said hi because I don`t think that Jacob saw me. My friends that I made were: Sam, who was really goofy, and A lot more people whose names I can`t remember (AAGGGHHH!!!). The games we played were: gaga, Green glass door, picnic, and my personal favorite, the challenge and castle ball. The challenge was, we had to help Sir Randy (our counselors.) expand his land but our opposition saw us and raised the draw bridge, so we have to swing to the pressure plate to open the bridge and storm the castle. The first thing we did was we tied my towel to Sam’s shoe and use it like a whip and catch the rope, after a few tries we did it. The best part about the castle game (like dodge ball.) was I nailed the team`s hardest player, Randy in the shoulder twice!! Not that hard though, we had lost the first but we won the rest of the games after that. So really it was awesome!!!!!!!.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


This morning we were watching cartoons and reading. I am reading the Eragon series. Right now I am reading Eldest now. The Eragon series is about a farm boy who’s mother came from a city to give birth to Eragon in the country and leave him there with his uncle Garo, cousin Rowen, and his aunt. Fifteen years later he is hunting and finds what he thinks is a rock but is an egg. And so his farm burns down, his uncle is dead, and Ra’zacc did it. He goes in search of them and meets Murtag. Together they go to the Varnan. If you want to hear the story read the books!!!
Papa is getting a new cat. Yesterday before we went to Uncle Mark’s we went to the humane society. He won’t tell us what cat he got but they tried out two with us and then we left and they tried out one more. I think it’s going to be Shadow, the first one or melody’s sister, the third one.


Into the mist

A two-at-a-timer. A man telling the story of his and his brother`s life. A girl listening to every word. What could be a better? Nothing if you know the land of Eylon series. It takes place before Axela Dailey, the main characters of the series but, it`s also a prequel to the whole series. All the characters are: Axela, older Roland, and Yipes are in the beginning with frequent intervals of Roland telling the story. The characters of the story though (which I`m still reading.) are: Roland, Thomas, Thorn, who`s a mountain lion, Mrs. Flannery, and now the mysterious sir Alistair Wakefield. Near the beginning the story takes place in an awful orphanage, then it goes from wild to wild as they make their way across the land to Wakefield house. It`s actually a pretty good book considering how it can be a good setter for the beginning, or a good end reader.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Soccer smash!!! (Just the practice too)

Today wasn`t half bad. I woke up, got breakfast and then we started cleaning. That`s when things got better, Mom said I had soccer practice in half an hour. So when we got there I made friends with Christen, Noah, and Joe (sort of). The coach, which I can`t remember his name, (why the heck does that happen??) said that Joe, and his son would be captains because they played in the league before (that`s a good reason…). Mostly the drills were running although we also ran and passed the ball between us in one drill. The worst one was we ran around two fields and back. My favorite out of those was the one where we ran with the ball and kicked it back and forth as we were running. The one I was best at though was the drill where we ran back and forth. In all it wasn`t too bad a practice in fact it was pretty good! I had some fun at the practice today!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!

Yesterday we went to the Toledo Zoo with Maeve, Rory, Finn, Ms. Mary, Ms. Callie, Genevieve, and Vivienne. At the Toledo Zoo, we went to Africa while we were watching for Ms. Callie and the girls. At Africa we didn’t see a lot of things. What we did see was : ? . We also did a lot of posing since there was tons of statues. Me and Rory loved sitting on the heads of statues. One statue looked like our cats! There was a big momma tiger, (Pika) a little cub playing with its tail (Charlotte) and another cub rubbing against the momma’s cheek. (Pierre). Then Ms. Callie got there. We went over across the bridge and went to the aviary. We saw cardinals, African birds, forest birds, hello Pierre, and much more. We then had lunch. Charlotte is typing for you We had lunch at the Birdfeeder. We all had sandwiches (except Genevieve, Vivienne, Finn who had baby food and pizza). There was a bird’s nest that we were playing in. While we were eating, it was raining. Quickly, while it was dry, we went through the primate forest and ran to the aquarium. At the aquarium we saw fish and fish, and shark and a turtle. There were even piranhas! Then we got ice cream. I had a twist with rainbow sprinkles. Then we saw polar bears, seals and tons of other things. After that we went to the gift shop. Rory got a mouse. Me and Rory started playing a game while we were driving to Pizza Hut. At Pizza Hut I had pizza with sauce. I love going to the Toledo Zoo.
BYE!! =Liv

! Mario kart!(WHAAAHOOO)

A race. You think “how boring…” if you`ve never played it before. Really a fast paced, in-your- face-or-you`re-in-mine game, it has a total of (that I`ve got) about 15 or so characters (SQUEAL!!) including the mii characters. There are 32 courses in total as well as 163(!!!!) vehicles, 84 karts and 84 bikes as of which some I am working on getting. The characters you get automatically are (the best except for the mii): Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Bowser, baby Mario, baby Peach, donkey kong, Wario, Waluigi, and koopa troopa.(That`s a lot…) Then the characters I have earned by racing the game (so far…) are: The miis, dry bones, Rosalina, and King boo, I`ve earned the karts: piranha prowler, and zipzip. I am really enjoying the game because it presents a challenge of trying to earn all of it`s treasures, and is a great game for families to play as a group. BONZAI!!


Monday, August 10, 2009


Yesterday we did a lot of things.
· We went to Greenfield Village with Nana and Bumpa.
· We went swimming with Uncle Ben, Aunt Sarah, Bella, + Nana and Bumpa.
· We went to Uncle Ben’s house for dinner and played video games there.

When we went to Greenfield Village we didn’t really do anything. Me, Dad, and Nana had iced tea while Mom, Luke, and Bumpa went to the baseball game. After that, we left Greenfield Village. Then we went swimming. Then we played Marco Polo and me and Aunt Sarah were jumping and diving in. We (me and Aunt Sarah.) cannonballed Uncle Ben. For dinner we had pasta, chicken, corn, and salad. Then we played Singstar. We played Singstar Queen and something else Uncle Ben didn’t tell us the name of. Wii also played Wii. The game we played was Wii Motion Sports we played fencing and archery. I won one round of fencing. Then we had to leave.



A wizard named Nell

A brave heroine, plenty of magic, and lots of goofy pranks. A good book, actually in a setting of a world called Eldearth, a realm where magic is possible, and your worst fears may be a reality. The characters are: Nell: a young girl, and the main character, Owen: a trouble making boy who decides to help trick Nell`s father so she can undertake the quest, Minna: a silly little demi dragon, who`s Nell`s pet, and Beauty: an albino dragon that Nell rescues. The story starts, Nell’s birth day is here and there is going to be a party, half way through thought, a gang of banshees, screaming ghosts, bust in and try to kill everyone, Nell manages to get rid of the banshees by thrusting a wand through its body and reciting “star light, star bright, take this evil from our sight!!” about five times. After that, the people lady Fedilia, lord Taman, and Nell’s father, about if she`s the chosen one. It`ll actually get better from there, and more adventures like an escapade, love potions, and a dragon rescue. Hope people who read it will like it!!
Ekul=Luke J

Friday, August 7, 2009

The marvelous land of Oz

A great spin-off, magic spells and potions, a double-gendered main character, and lots of goofy creatures. What else could be an amazing story of the other adventurers of the first book? Nada, that`s what. The story starts out with our hero, tip, wants to scare his guardian/ evil witch Mombi. So, he makes a creature like thing which he names Jack pumpkin-head. But as soon as Mombi gets back she uses a powder that turns things into living thing instead of being inanimate objects. The three examples of the powder are: Jack pumpkin-head, the saw-horse, and the Gump machine. After Mombi threatens to turn tip into a statue, he steals Jack back, and the duo runs away. All the characters are: Tip, Lack, the Scarecrow, the Tin woods-man, and the saw-horse and Gump. I really think it’s a good book, and I think anyone who liked the first book, would like this.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hmmm....What's that word?

Today was kind of boring. This was our schedule *:
*Please note not actual times
8:00- Get up
8:00-9:45 Read
9:45 Drive to Allen Park for schedule and come back
12:00 Lunch at McDonald’s
12:30 Invite Montana + K.C. over to play
1:00 Still playing
2:00 Read
3:00 Read
4:00 Dad comes home
4:30 Dinner
NOW Chores
We didn’t really do anything today. All we did was grocery shop and read mostly. So, today was ……….Hmm….what’s what word…..BORING!?!
And so on that happy cue, I’ll leave. Bye! Olivia

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Michigan Adventure!!!

On Monday, Maeve and Rory came to spend the night. We started playing Barbies but never finished because we went to get ice cream then. We walked. I got World Class Chocolate, Maeve ?, Luke, who knows?(Don’t tell him that because I’m sitting right next to him.), Rory ?, Dad, oreo mint chocolate chip. Then, we’re off to go to Giggleland in the wonderful wonderful land of giggles. (translated, bed.) We were awake most of the night talking, telling stories. Then, Tuesday, we went to Michigan Adventure with them. First we did rollercoaster’s here are a few and how many times we rode them:
Ride Times
Scrambler 2
Zach’s Zoomer 2
Airplanes 1
Thunderhawk 1
Corkscrew 1
Spinny Thing(unknown) 1
And a couple of others I don’t remember. Then we went to the water park. The rides are: the funnel of fear, snakepit, wave pools, and green and white slide. Then we went to dinner, (Pizza Hut.) and ice cream.

Michigan adventure

Today was pretty fun! It was Maeve, Rory, Livi, and me, and we went to Michigan`s adventure! It`s actually pretty much like cedar point in Ohio, just more rides (JJJ).My favorite ride was probably the thunder hawk an awesome ride where you hang on the coaster instead of in the ride. You sit in these seats that are hanging from the track, instead of riding in a car, cool, hunh? We went on: Zach`s zoomer, (2times) corkscrew, bumper-cars (I did thunder hawk!!). Then we went to the water park where we did: funnel of fear, then the wave pools and also the snake pit which was three slides that did different things, for example, mine dropped at the ending. So really the day was awesome, and the park was great.

Here is the digital comic book Luke has been working on:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Avatar the last air bender- Into the inferno

An amazing story, hilarious dialogue, and ridiculous animation. What could be the best game of the goofed spoofs?? This one in-definitely!! It begins when Aang, the avatar, (a warrior who can use all the elements, but Aang can only use three so far, water, air(his first one) and earth.) wakes up on a ship, which his friends Katara, Sokka, Soph, and Katara`s and Sokka`s father have stolen but that still has soldiers on board. Then that`s where you pick up the stylus and learn the basics, which include: running, (easy,) fighting, (not too hard,) and controlling the elements water and earth,(you make tornados with Aang!!!!!) (Not so easy depending on the element.). You explore many places in the game but I have only done 4. These include: a ship mentioned earlier, a factory, a prison, (where you play as Katara and Soph.) and a cave, (where you play as Soph and Sokka.) The full cast of characters include: (playable) Aang, the last air-bender, and the avatar, a powerful warrior who is supposed to save the world, Katara, a girl who finds Aang and teaches him water-bending, Sokka, Katara`s brother and warrior of the water tribe, Soph, Aang`s blind friend and earth-bending teacher.(Others)prince Zoko`s sister, fire nation solider, fire-bender, and switches. Really it`s a good game and I think people would like it.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Yesterday we(me, Luke, and Sadie.) had a sleep over at Granker’s! First, we went swimming at our house. Me and Sadie were diving and cannonballing like crazy. After a while, I got cold and went out. Then Kenny, Tyee, (and this is in order.) Luke, then Sadie. After that we went to Granker’s. We mostly watched TV we watched all sorts of things. We stayed up until past midnight story: Me and Sadie went upstairs (we were sleeping in the basement.) to get some tea. Well, we got it but Granker said we had to go to bed in a half hour. But it was probably more of an hour than a half hour when she told us to go to bed. After that, we stayed awake for awhile and kid under the covers when we thought Granker was coming. We also talked, laughed, and made noises, and whispered. BED!!! Then next morning for breakfast was: rice krispies with sugar and milk. After we did that, we had to go home. We also washed the car a couple of minutes ago.
Livi 7:00 p.m.

Camp Mirage Splashes of Time

I had a lot of fun today! We went canoeing, which was lots of fun. What we did is we drove there, were told the rules and got our stuff, then got into the canoes. Oh, and just so you know, if you REALLY want to go canoeing you really want to have a bathing suit and some ridiculously funny friends to splash (at least for someone…). The mishaps only happened to us, once, but lots of others ended up running into walls and stuff! Dennis, Robert, and I were almost in hysterics the Whole time because of the ridiculous stuff that happened! But mostly it was Dennis calling Robert “Sir butt-cheek” and I almost laughed `till I cried! I know that it sounds like I blabbing on and on about how funny this was, but I might never see some of the memorable friends I made during this week again (Though I wouldn`t mind about Jelly Bean Joe) and even some people I didn`t Like were great! So it was a memorable week, even though I laughed, J.B.J cried a lot, I was hated, and I was befriended, I loved this camp from day 1!! CAMP MIRAGE!!!!!


All rights reserved. @ www.Luke is

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rollin` down the hills

Today… was pretty fun. We went to the rolling hills water park, which is in a county which`s name I can`t remember but it started with a “w”. Before we got there, we went to little Caesar’s to get lunch, which we had when we got to the water park (IT WAS AWESOME!!)*. My favorite thing is probably the wave pool (WAVE POOL!!! WOOHHH!!!!!!)By far. I was hanging out with my friends Dennis, Robert, and two girls, Who I can`t remember their names,(why does that happen?) but one`s Chinese & Japanese, while the other is Indian. All the things we did were: the lazy river (the boring part (snore), the play scape, (not so bad,) also the slides (ditto as the p.s. (play scape) wave, (WAVE POOL!!WAVE POOL! )Pool. What Dennis and I would do is while the wave pool was not doing the waves, we would swim out, then as we were on the back wall when the bell rang, we would start to swim away and then ride the waves back to the shore and then start fighting the waves (WHICH WAS AWESOME!!!) and wait until it went down again. I really enjoyed this, (yah really!) and it was not at all too bad.
* I am two people in this, one is my calm side, and the other is my excited side (this). Thank you!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Camp Mirage Splashes of Time

I had a good time today. My counselors were Brighit and I can`t remember the other counselor`s name but I think it was Ann or something. I made friends with 2 people, Robert, and Dennis. After we went to the canteen, we got into the van, and started driving. When we got there I was starting to get really excited! The first thing they did was tell us what we were going to be doing, which was a test to see if our equipment was working, and if we sunk when we pressed a button and if we needed weights to help us. Then after that they taught us regulator recovery which was if you lost the regulator, that you could get water out of it and continue breathing. Then they showed us the air gauge which showed how much air you had left. After that, we got free reign! (We just had to make sure we didn`t run into somebody) I swam to the bottom, and I saw a little window that let people look into the pool from below, it was awesome! The only bad thing that happened was I dived down and forgot to put my regulator in, but I remembered the regulator recovery and did the action and was able to stay underwater. After that awesome thing, we got lunch at Tom`s root-beer stand I got a cheese-burger with fries, and then we left and then I was left waiting for tomorrow to come and the adventure it`ll bring!!!
The other exciting thing that happened today was my dad came home from France and it was really, really a nice surprise! I forgot that he was coming home today.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Party, Party, Party!

Today we went to Maeve and Kenny’s birthday parties. At Kenny’s we played hide-n-seek and shot bubble rockets. (Rocket, actually.) Then we went to Maeve’s party. It was a carnival! And there were games, you could go swimming plus, a bounce house. I swam, then went in the bounce house. After I played a second of a game with Rory. After a second, I did games. I played:
· Whipped bubble gum
· Bean bag in the mouth
· Duckie
· Lollipop tree
Explanations: Whipped bubble gum: you put two pieces of bubble gum on a plate, cover it with whipped cream, then see who can blow a bubble first. Bean bag in the mouth: try to shot a bean bag in the alien’s mouth. Duckie: Try to get a duck with an orange spot on the bottom of it. Lollipop tree: Same thing except lollipops. Then we had to leave.

Also, last night, I was taking a bath, we had the door open, so pierre came in.[he escaped]. He climbed up on the ledge of the bathtub, went to the corner, and jumped in. Can you belive it?!??????????????! Pierre is one weird cat.



Carnival + birth-day+ b-day= MASSIVE FUN!!!

As the title reads I had two birthdays to go to, and one was carnival-based. During the first one, my cousin Kenny`s, didn`t have a theme. What we did was: I played power rangers, with Tyee & Kenny, then we all played hide and seek, (even Sadie and Livi). I was it most of the time though. Then the second one was with our mom`s friend`s daughter`s birthday (who is also our friend, weird how it works, huh?). We mostly went in the pool, but also I played a certain game twice, it was where you had to get some gum out from under whipped cream and blow a bubble. There was also a game where you pulled a sucker out of a “tree” and if it had an orange spot, you won (you got to keep the sucker.). I earned three tickets and got a gift card to target. So really today wasn`t bad at all!!!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Star wars: Jedi alliance

A crumbling Republic, massive clone armies, and lots of Jedi hacking, droid slashing, monster beatings. What else could a star wars fanatic wish for?? Only the perfect story for the game, that`s what!! The story of the game is that a cargo shipment, full of Jedi crystals, has been attacked, and a team of two Jedi go to investigate. That is not the whole story, only a small fragment, but the whole game revolves around the mystery of the crystals and the new foes, the night sisters. All the major characters are: Anakin skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi, Ashoka tano, Mace windu, Plo Koon, and Kit fisto. The minors are: the clones and the droids. The point of the game is to find out who took the crystals, why, and how, it takes you across various worlds and planets sometimes even a few times! So in all it`s one of the best games I`ve played.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

North America?!?

Today (at Zoo Camp) we did North America and the art gallery. At the art gallery, I drew Sedna, a raven, a woman with wings, and a inuit shape-shifter who was a walrus. Here are they’re stories. Sedna married a hunter who had really a raven. He took her to his nest. She called to her father. Her father pushed her of the boat. She clung on, and for fear she would capsize the boat, he cut her fingers off. They became seal, walrus, fish, whale. Then we went to north America. We saw: wolverines, bald eagles, scarlet macaws, byson, and elk. After drawing a bit, we went home, so BYE! BYE!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Dart shooting plants, crazy monkeys, a wild stampede, and a magical board game called Jumangji. Also, a gun toting lunatic. If you ask me, It`s TOTALLY WICKED!!! In the beginning, A boy named Allan, and a girl named Sarah, find a game called Jumangji. Allan gets sucked into it and Sarah is attacked by bats. 26 years later, a new family moves in and the children, Peter and his sister Judy, find Jumangji. Once they started, Peter rolls a 5 and Allan returns, They find Sarah, to finish the crazy game. That`s all I`m gonna` spill, so watch the movie and you`ll see how it ends! (p.s. IT`S AWSOME!!) The characters are: Peter, who turns into a half monkey late into the movie, Judy, Peter`s sister, nothing bad happens to her except at the end, Allan, one of the original players of the game, and Sarah, Allan`s girlfriend, and the other original player. Things to notice: Monkeys, lots and lots of `em!! Crazed explorer. Straight from Jumangji, and, he wants to kill Allan because he rolled the dice. So really it`s a good movie if you like jungle adventure and near death experiences. WICKED!!!!!!!!!!
Ekul= Luke!!!!!!!

PS- Have fun playing with the monkey-you can make him swing from branch to branch by pointing to branch with the mouse and then clicking on it. Mom added it-isn't it cool?

Monday, July 20, 2009


Today we went to the zoo. I had zoo camp. My camp is called gator strator. What we do is draw pictures of the animals. Today we did amphibians . we drew what our favorite amphibians were.I drew the hellbender.It’s like a newt or salamander. We also looked at the amphibians. Then it was time to go home. I love zoo camp!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Awesome!: Meadville gazette

Super Mario 64 DS

A damsel in distress, 4 brave heroes, and a big fat, Japanese kappa monster. What else could a Mario gamer ask for? Nothing except for an awesome finish to a perfect game!! The game that I am talking about is Mario 64 for DS, it is one of my favorite games and I am at the end of this game. The story is: peach invites Mario to tea with her, but Luigi and Wario end up coming too. Then all three get trapped inside of rooms, there special are paintings in other parts of the castle that hold the keys to the rooms. You are probably wondering who you play as in the beginning, the answer is Yoshi! He is a dinosaur who can use Mario, Luigi, and Wario hats to transform into the bros and anti-plumber! The objective is to rescue peach by using all 4 heroes (though Mario has to be used for the last battle) and collect all the stars! I think it`s a great game and so you gamer people out there get it because it`s awesome!!!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today we might be getting a new kitten. Mom and me were at camping when the idea came up. One of the houses by the vineyard that we were going to had free kittens. So we went inside and the kittens we saw were too young, and she couldn't find the ones that were old enough, so we decided to get a kitten. So we searched online and found a couple we like. So now we're going to maybe bring a kitten home!


We got the kittens! The names are Pierre and Charlette. They are both gray. The only difference is there collars.

Today we went to Mrs. Marys. We played in the pool and held kittens. The game we played was where Maeve was a princess and me and rory were Shape-shifters and us and Luke were tring to save her from her Uncle Hades who puts her in the underworld. Actually before that we we playing a game where our father put us on a ship because of a war; then Maeve got kiddnapped and we did the whole Atlantis-Underworld thing. Afer that we had dinner it was corn, pork and pom fretes (for your information, means french fries in French.) I like it. Then we had to clean up and leave. I hope we go there again. It's really, really, really, really fun goning to Maeve and Rory's house. I hope we go again soon.

Cat Call! X Fun!

Today was the best day ever! First, we got two new cats, Pierre and Charlett (see picture). Then we went to Maeve and Rory's house with P. and C. When we

there we played a game. In the game Maeve was a daughter of Posiedon being forced to marry Hade's oldest son, Nicko di Banshalno. The character are: Ekul (me): a half-Phantom who will protect his firends fiercly. Alex (Maeve): Posiedon's daughter, forced to marry Hade's oldest son, the otter twins (Livi and Rory): I have no story for these two. What happens is Alex is abducted, and we have to save her and deafeat Hades. So really, it was AWSOME!!!!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life Is A Highway (with gamers too)

As the title says, we drove for most of the day. While we were driving, I was playing a video game called Final Fantasy, Olivia was reading a book, Bella was, er, singing, and the adults were talking. As in the subtitle I had played my game as mentioned earlier which in it I am on the final level. In the characters I can play as and are playing as: Ekul: a male selkie who is my main character, Juliet a female selkie who is one of my favorite characters and is a bow fighter, Arn is a male clavat who I like to think of as Juliet’s bodyguard, and then finally there is Novice who is another male selkie who had started out as a mage but I turned into a pretty good fighter. The main objective is to defeat Larkeus who resides at the top of a tower and is inside of a library. Once I defeat him, I’ll have beaten one third of the game. So really when we were driving home, the ride wasn’t bad. I loved it except for leaving Uncle Mark, Aunt Amy, Nana and Bumpa and Alex.

Camp Fun

Two days after we got home from France we went camping. Who we were camping with was: Aunt Amy, Uncle Mark, Alex, Nana, Bumpa, Uncle Ben, Aunt Sarah, and Bella. And of course: Rosland, Napolean (I'll tell you that story later), McDuff, and Quail. The reason for Sky being called Napolean is this. Sky kept barking at anything that passed by. He would go exceptionally crazy when a dog would go by. SO nana shouted at him one time" NAPOLEAN" and it stuck. On the first full day, we went to go to the winerys. We almost got a kitten that day. That relates to today because we were just looking at kittens. We found one we like. Anyway, back to camping. So we went to Michigan Select and wine, Clairessa, and a few others that I don't remember. The second day was more exciting that the first. We picked blueberries and found the chocolate place. Their stuff is the best in the world. The third day was swim in Lake Michigan, play Apples to Apples. It wasn't funny as the last time though. Fourth, GAME DAY!!We play cribbage, boggle and that was pretty much it. Then we had to leave :( And now, I'm sitting here writing my blog!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mom note

They will continue to write thier blog but we will have to update the site after July 17th. With the laptop in France, we won't have a way to update it while we are camping. Wish us no accidental 9 miles hikes! Until then. . .

Paper Mario

Okay hold on, I got a really good beginning piece “When a world is on the brink of destruction, only one hero can save it all,(different pictures of people saying the same name different ways.) “Mario?” “Mario.” “MMAAARIIIIIOOO!” “Mario bros. go!!!” “Curse you Mario, you filthy plumber!!!!!!!!”. In Mario the thousand year door! (Available only on Nintendo game cube. rated E for everyone.) Okay, not really a good starting piece but I wanted to do it. I was helping mom pack today and playing with K.c. one of my friends. Then I asked my mom if I could play a game and she said yes. The game I had Chosen was an old one called Paper Mario the thousand year door. It was really fun and I was really good at it because I was far in the game close to the end. In the game the characters are: Mario: the brave plumber is rescuing Peach (yet again.)Peach: captured by the infamous “x-nauts” she befriends T.E.C a super computer who want to help save Peach From his master Grodus`s evil plans. Bowser: with a brain the size of Kammy koopa`s teeth(she has none.) he wants to steal Peach, the crystal stars, and a ”legendary” treasure which nobody except Grodus knows is an ancient demon to destroy the world!(muhahahahahahahhaaaaa!!!) There are 6 individual sidekicks that have special powers. It all revolves around the crystal stars which can imprison the demon and, release it. I am so close I might win!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mario Bros RPG (BONZAI)

Today when I was reading Nintendo Power I saw a new game for Mario called Bowser’s Inside Story. It is for DS and it has funny lines, funny characters, new people, and a lot of 2D platforming RPG action. Speaking of which these are the people I know of in the game: Mario a main character, Luigi Mario’s brother, and other main character Bowser the third main character a big brawny doofus, finally Fawful that guy is a cuckoo person who looks as if he is a robot on a floating platform but very, very smart. In the game a mysterious disease called the blorbs is invading the kingdom and even Bowser wants to help with the research. After a quick fi1ght in the beginning Bowser meets Fawful , eats a special mushroom that turns his breath intake into a hurricane and sucks every single person that was in the meeting into his stomach (ewwwww). The objectives in the game is for the Mario bros to save Peach and get out of Bowser’s stomach while Bowser has to work with the Mario Bros to defeat Fawful, get his castle back and get rid of the disease. Really I think this is a good game and so I think I might want to get it because it looks very interesting and kind of challenging which I like my games sometimes. So completely I am going to hope that I would get this game when it comes out because it seems really interesting and I think I would very much like it.


Yesterday we went home. I was sad about leaving France. I was really, really, really sad about leaving Dad. When we got home, it was 4:45. In France, it would have been 10:45. We were tired, so that was the reason we were tired, because we were used to time in France. When we got home, we had lunch, which was mac-n-cheese. I lay down on the couch. Then I got my pjs on. I got in bed and that all I can remember after t hat. After I woke up, I asked Mom how long was I asleep? And she replied, “A long time.” This Sunday we’re going camping with Uncle Mark, Aunt Amy, Alex, Nana, Bumpa, Uncle Ben. Aunt Sarah, and Bella. Mom said that we were having a game day, so we bought some water balloons. I would like to hit Uncle Ben with a water balloon. That would be fun. Hee Hee!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Today was our last full day at France. Today, mostly all we did was pack, read, pack, game, read, game, pack, pack, pack, write blog. We had to stay inside today because it was raining. After packing a bit, we went to the 39 Clues hunt online. We are Ekatarinas. There are four branches of the Cahill family, Lucian, Tomas, Janus, and last but not least, Ekatarinas. These are the traits of each branch Tomas: strong but dumb. Rivals: Janus/everyone. Ekaterinas: smart and brainy, not strong. Rival: Lucian/everybody. Lucian: smart, have other people find their clues for them. Rival: Ekaterinas/everybody. Janus: very crafty, love art, I guess most artists are Januses. Rivals: Tomas/everyone. So we went online and then put our cards in the gallery and then played some games. What the games were were missions. We matched card pairs, charmed a snake and went submarining and flying. That was basically all we did.

The thing that I will miss most about France is Daddy.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mom’s turn- My reflection on visiting France

When looking at the blog the other day, Olivia commented that it was a family experience and that I should have a turn at writing. Well, it’s been a rainy day and since we’ve been hanging out inside all afternoon and Ted just called to let me know that Mike would be late, I thought I’d give it a go. Be forewarned, I tend to be a bit verbose, which Olivia, means I will write a lot.

The kids have written everyday about their “adventures” and I believe that this really is a misnomer. We have not found the “adventure” that many of my friends found on their trips. In fact, I’m sure it seems as if the kids aren’t doing much, although I can tell you that they are quite content. What we have been able to create here is a little piece of home for all of us, complete with our normal routine. At home, we would spend our time reading, swimming, visiting, and running errands before Mike came home to join us for dinner. We have the same life here. Every day we run the errand of getting bread or postcards and then head to the playground. We go for a hike (unfortunately one time it was accidentally for 9 miles!). We also read and have got to do something that we have not been able to in a long time. We have taken the time to read aloud and enjoy a book together, 2 so far. We swim and, thanks to Skype, get to visit with friends and family every day. And each evening, we are able to spend time with Mike.

In many ways, I feel as though I have cheated my children out of that fabulous European trip. No sightseeing, no museums. I know that there is an issue with my own discomfort and also with having the money to pay for admissions, a car, gas, etc. . . We are also at the mercy of Mike’s work schedule. The first 4 days we were here, he was working nights! And our main objective is to see him, no matter how much we would have liked to spend a couple days in Paris seeing the Eiffel tower and visiting the Louvre. But I also know that I have done much better at the one thing Luke said I was not good at, doing nothing.

I am thankful that I had this opportunity. I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of the people of La Petite-Pierre. People have said that the French are very rude. This must have been a reflection of the person who said it because everyone we have met has smiled and wished us “Bon Jour!”. In a part of France where the two language options are French and German, we learned ways to understand each other. Like the little boy who couldn’t understand why I was telling him that I couldn’t speak French, when I was speaking French and who attempted to tell us his name (which much to his horror we completely mispronounced) or the wonderful old lady who wanted to tell me something about my children as we were walking down the street but after learning that I only spoke English had to just shrug and smile. Or the waitress at one of the restaurants that we frequented who would bring the English menu and the French one so that I could find what I wanted and then show her on the French menu. And the hoteliers! They have been so kind to give us 2 bedroom suites at the same rate they were giving Mike his one bedroom room so that we could be more comfortable as a family.

While here, I read our July book The Glass Lake, Mom said that that’s what I was doing, vacationing in a town like Lough Glass. Oui! I have enjoyed our trip here. I don’t think I will look at it with the wistful look many of my friends have. I most definitely did not take in the exotic tastes of France but I have loved the bread! I do think someday I would like to come back and travel as a tourist with Mike. Someday, I would like to see the Louvre. But for now, I’m excited to be heading home and will anxiously be awaiting Mike’s 2 weeks(hopefully) with us before he heads to Germany.

Micke D's place

This part of yesterday was rather, interesting. Mom and Dad had wanted to go to an Italian restaurant, but it was closed. There was a McDonald's near by right next to it so we went there instead. Apparently they actually do have McDonald's in France (WooHoo!) I had saw that they had 1. a play structure like in America. 2. was way more crowded. 3. Even the menu was French! I ordered a happy meal which had 4 chicken nuggets, french fries (we are in France people!), and applesauce (I gave that to Dad). Mom said I could have ice cream if I ate my applesauce. I didn't. But when we got back to the hotel, the Concierge came up and gave us some ice cream. That was awesome! Then today we walked down to the bakery for the last time because it is closed tomorrow and we are leaving Thursday. I had an escargot vanille which is a pastry that looks like a snail shell. I liked it except for the custard inside in the middle. I'm really going to miss France.


Monday, July 6, 2009

One hour hike-->5 hour hike

Hmmm. . . . .Bon Jour , or, Bon Soir? Today we didn't go for a walk/hike. Know why?. . . . .Yesterday?. . . . .BINGO!!!!!!! What happened yesterday was this. We were playing and Mom said "Let's go for a hike." So we went down a trail that we had never been down before. We didn't know where we would end up. So we get out at this random place, and go the wrong way. We went hiking for at least 1 to 3 miles before Mom realizes that we're going the wrong way. So. . . . .hehheh.

Today was pairs day. I saw two cats, slugs, snails, and everything else you can imagine. Altogether, there were 164 pairs, mostly trees. We even bought 2 postcards and we mailed them today.

I look forward to seeing everybody when we get home. Au Revoir!


PS Happy Birthday Mrs. Mary and Millie!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Today wasn't very agreeable. It started out okay, but after the hike, unnnn. NOT good. We decided to go down a trail. At the end of the trail, we went the wrong for about a mile. Then it looked a little brighter when we started heading the right way. This is the not so bad part I got a blister which popped and pain in my foot then all of us got "somehow" cut by blades of grass (does that even make sense?). Then we got so tired I have no idea how I could walk that far, that long but when we finally got back here we washed our feet and ate some lunch. I really wish we hadn't gotten lost in the first place, but hey, that's what happens.


PS-Happy Birthday Uncle Ben!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today was . . . .boring? BINGO! (you have now earned a million dollars :) ) Most of what we did was read. We read Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian. We found out several things like who was the spy, who was the oracle, and who was the hero, who was not-the-hero, who the clue giver was, and who Charlie was waiting for (S). After we read the rest of Percy Jackson, we went for a hike. We found the actual castle this time. YEA!!!! We had to go back after that. For a little while we read Beyond The Grave while the lady cleaned our rooms. That was all we did today. Au Revoir!


Friday, July 3, 2009

Walk, Walk, Walk, Rain, Read

As said by the title, we had a long walk and read. Dad had left early so we walked to the bakery for some bread because that is usually what we have for dinner. This time we had it for lunch. We also walked some trails, and after that we played on the swings which was pretty fun. When we got back we read some Percy Jackson which is a book. So far in the Percy Jackson series, Silena from the Aphrodite cabin made the Ares cabin follow her in the battle against the drakon dressed as Clarisse. Then the real Clarisse (the real one) killed the drakon, but Silena had died because it had spat poison in her face. In the book, I’m hoping she goes to the hero’s place in the underworld where Beckendorf her boyfriend is because he had died from an explosion on the Princess Andromeda. Except for the rain mentioned in the title, today was an absolutely fine day and it stopped raining now.


Thursday, July 2, 2009


This morning we went to a new hotel, (in France, of course). We were staying at Au Lion d'Or. The hotel we are staying at now is La Clariere. Here, they have two pools. At Au Lion d'Or they only had one (une). This hotel isn't under construction at least. For a while we read The Last Olypian. Then we had lunch. We had salad (the salad was dandelion leaves, tomatoes, alphalfa, cucumbers, carrots and a little decoration thingy which we tried to eat but tasted really bad), soup with alphalfa in it, hamburgers with onion in it, fries, and ice cream. I love France!

*#:)1! Olivia

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Despite the title, today wasn't football. (Do we have football in France?) We went for a walk (hence the title), played a game and ate French pizza (whoo hoo yum!). After Dad left we read some Percy Jackson, which I enjoyed. Then I played FFCCEOT because I wanted to beat something. Then we went for a walk which had a good part and a bad part. I don't want to talk about the bad part but the good part was that we got to play and we found a castle. So today wasn't so bad bad because we did what we wanted.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Parlez-Vous Français?

Today was a good day, to go to France!! Mostly on the trip I played Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles Echoes Of Time and slept. During the in between flight times we had to go through customs three times (geez!) The best part of all though was seeing Dad. I had really missed him and was really excited we were going to see him in France. We saw Dad after we got the plane. I was so happy to see him.



Today we got on the plane(s) to France. First, we had the 8 hour flight. I slept through most of the whole plane ride but I watched two movies. First, I watched Marley and Me. It was very very very VERY sad. In the end Marley dies. I also watched Hotel For Dogs. It was about these two kids a brother and a sister whose parents died. They are being placed in one foster home after the other one. One day their dog Friday ran into an abandoned hotel, so they went in after him. Inside they found two dogs. Then a couple other people came to help with the dogs. Basically, they were rescuing every stray dog that they could find. Then they got caught. After that the lawyer guy gave like a little speech thingy and then everybody said to keep the dogs. Then their lawyer adopted them. Bon Jour! Olivia

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today we had a fun day. This is how things were: 8:25: church, baseball game, then Maeve and rory's house. At Maeve and rory's house, we went swimming. First, we waited abit. Finnaly, we went in the pool. We began playing a fame were Luke was this guy and we were shapeshifters. We would run away (sorry SWIm away) from him. After that, we would go down the portal to atlantis (down the waterslide.) Even though he was in the same place in the pool as us He couldn't see or Hear us. When he went in the portal. We started playing war because He was squirting us with a water gun and hitting our Floaties. (well, that was after we started war.) So we took a ball, two tubes, several diving things (Which was what Luke was hiting us with.) A while after that, me got cold. Oh, yeah, and maranda was trying to hit Luke with a ball.. After we got changed we had to leave. Then we went to …………………………………………………….Granker and Papa's!!! We were coming to give the cat to them so that we could go to France. To see dadd Who has been in France a while. While Pika was getting out, we discovered that Sadie and Frida were there. For awhile, we playa tag. I was it. After that we played Hide-n-seek. Playing hid-in –seek was HILLARIOUS! When Luke was it, (and we were playing in the basement,) We hid in the deepest darkest place we could find, (the corner) we sat, crouched. I was behind Frida, who was behind Sadie who was behind a BOOKSHELF/cart/storeage thingy, which was in plain view. We chose that place because we knew luke wold'nt go down there. We sat there cracking up, while not trying to restrain our laughter. The funniest thing though was luke saying this to Granker (we could hear them) "Where's a floodlight". And then we got kicked out. A good day. A good bye to all, and see you on Skype NANAa and BUMPA!!!!


Saturday, June 27, 2009


Three words, WE.WERE.AWSOME!! It was the second playoff game and the A`s better not get too cocky up there or they might blow the whole thing!! We were aganst the braves who we`ve beat twice. The positions I played were short stop, catcher, third, and second. I was catcher with Donnie. I got walked, got two hits, and a strike out. Really today wasn`t too bad a game.


Friday June 26th BBOOORRIINNG!

[mom note-Liv didn't have a chance to write her blog on friday so this was written Saturday morning]

Yesterday was really boring. It was boring because we went . . . .shopping:( You see, I don't really like shopping. The only store we went to was target :). At target we got alot of things. Me and luke also got a chocolate bar. I got a hersey's bar chocolate bar. Luke got a twix bar. Luke also had a game that day. The angels lost, 4-8. We got ice cream anyway. Now, Luke is in the championship. YEEAAAH!I like when Luke wins.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bad day, good day

Today was an upside down mess. It had a good part and a bad part. The bad day was concluded as I didn`t go to my game which I wanted to win, and the rain which had me not go to my game. The best part was actually fun, because we went swimming, played a game and watched a movie. We had been wanting to swim and I asked if Montana and K.C. could come over to swim and Mom said yes. It had been hot outside and the cement was hot too so I made a joke because I had my feet very dirty and it looked like they were burnt from an oven and I said “Hurry my feet are `a cooking!” and show them the bottom of my feet to be goofy. In the pool we played games like Marco-polo and talking under water. Even Montez came over! We were having so much fun we didn`t even notice the thunder clouds, which rained as said earlier . After that we tried to find out if I had my game today as said earlier it was canceled. Then we watched a movie that came from Netflix, after I had played my game before checking about the base ball game. So really, today wasn`t too shabby.
Ekul= Luke

June 24th, Camp dearborn

today we went to camp dearborn to see maeve and rory. They had alrady been there since saturday. We only stayed until after lunch because it was daddy's birthday. We didn't do alot of things because we were in the pool for almost the whole morning. In the kiddie's pool, (the little, little ones, you know, like 1-5 year olds?) So, anyways, we played 7 little speckled frogs, and simon says. We also played 3-up. We were going to play 7-up But we didn't have enough people. We stopped playing and had a free swimm break right when it was my turn. also at Petsmart we saw a minature link. I told Pika I saw his nephew. Hee Hee. Camp dearborn was really fun.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Water, Water, everywhere!!

Today wasn't as planned. I had planned to play games and do things like vaccum. First mom made me "purge" my room and want to check it when it looks way better! I also went swimming with Livi, Montana, K.C., and Esin Olivia's friend. We tryed to play games but mostly splashed around. Montana even swam to the middle's bottom! (pretty big since K.C. can't be at the middle) so really it was mostly swimming! I had enjoyed the swiming but not cleaning my room, really today wasn`t so bad.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ohh Monday

On Monday, we went to Greenfield Village and swimming. Montez and Montanna came to swimm. We play Marco Polo for a bit then played blind man's Bluff. Montanna was always it. That was because she never called blindman's bluff so when she was at one end we would get out and get in the other side. When we went to Greenfield Village we saw lots of horses. Horses drawing cart things mostly. Nana and Bumpa went too. We had chicken and frozen custard for lunch. We looked at hats, flowers, and herbs. Bumpa told us to taste the sivia because it tastes like sugar. It really did. I love going to Greenfield Village.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let`s go Angels!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday`s game was exciting! I got on base every time! Mostly I had seen us get all these great hits (note the boom crack boom boom crack).
I mostly got some hits but I also got walked a few times, stole second and third, then got home in two hits. In all it was probably a pretty good game.( Also played well by the mets)

Ekul= Luke.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday June 20th

Friday was my last day of Animal Planet field-trip camp. We went to the Detroit zoo . We were supposed to go to the Potter Park Zoo on wendesday but instead went to go to the movies because it was raining. At the Detroit Zoo, we saw lots of things there like bears,snakes,lizards,and much more.It was fun.

On wenesday I had my recital.My songs are Colors of the wind,Big yellow taxi,Into white, and king of new York. My favorite is probably either newies or colors of the wind. I want to dance next year but I want to take hip hop.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Camp mirage Speed racers

Today was the best!! I won a race, got free pizza (I really ate the crust), and played dodge ball. I enjoyed this day. First we added the axles, wheels and fish eyes (the little things string goes through). And then we raced!! I was up aganst Kyle and I won!!!(WWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!). I had named my car ichor because it`s Greek for “blood of the gods” and I had a friend named Stav who is Greek. Mostly I had the time of my life here. CAMP MIRAGE!!!!!!!!!!

Ekul =Luke

Thursday June 18th

Lady, a tan horse.
On monday we went to the el Packo farm. I already told you about that so lets skip
on tuesday the nature hike and cambellas SKIP!!!!!
on wendesday I went to the movies and the natureal history museum. The moveie we saw was UP. It's a sadddd moovvviiieee. Some thigns are bad and some are funny. I don't get what Up has to do with animals. We went to the Natureal history museum and the exibit that I liked most was probably the floor withe the Birds and fish and the wolverine. My favorite animal was probably the snake thing and the fake wolf coyote and the other exibits. I like the natural history museum.
Today, (thursday), we went horsebackriding and Bison Feeding. My horses name was lady. She was really good except when these things happened. Alison's horse went like this to lady. (picture of horses kicking each other). Then zoooommmm Kelly's horse kicked my horse for no reeason. lady then reares and ran really fast (sprinted) and then I had to hol on to her reins and pull there reins really hard. Ohan we controled the horses by our reines. Smitty said I did a really good job. then we had lunch (lunchables) Then we went on a wagon ride. We fed the byson corn. Bye Bye.
I love ANIMAL PLANET CAMP! i wish it would never end!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday June 17th, Speed Racers

Today also did not go as hoped. It was Just raining, raining, raining. We worked on our cars but, I mostly enjoyed when we tried to indy a platform to another. The farthest we got on our cars was axle holes (paints tomorrow!! WHOOO!). I'm actually pretty excited about the race.

(p.s. other's cars are awesome!)

End of camp

Yesterday (June 16th)
Yesterday I got the game ball beacuase, I caught an amazing hit and almost got two outs! (WHOOO!!) Really I was lucky because others deserved it too.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ANimal Planet-Tuesday June 16th, 2009

On Monday I started the animal Planet field trip camp. It hasn't really been exciteng Except going to the EL PACK'O RANCH (mom note-Alpaca). Go on a NATURE HIKE, Vist CABELLA'S, And do a SCAVENGER HUNT. On MOnday We went to the El Packa Farm.

Fun Facts about the elpacko-
  • Did you know the they are cousins of the llama, no ta kind of llama?
  • 3 hours after their birth bay El Packas can run 3 miles per hour.

End of fun facts.

We got to geel the El Pachas and pet them. that was mostly what we did there.


On tues day (today), we went on a Nautre Hike. it was mosquito storms! Everybody was slapping, slapping, and slapping at mosquitos. Something Funny happend, when we finnnaly reached the end of the trip and we we like 3 feet away. Me and matt started running for the van because the mosquitos were so bad, Dave said "Stop, were in the parking lot." So then it went like this ------------(tiny steps, quick) until we could go to the vann. The at cabella's we looked at dead animals n fish. When the tour was over we did our scanveger hunt. We divided into teams: team one: me dave (coseler, clue maker) Matt, riley, Aysia, Jake, Jacob, Team two:everybody else aslen Nickk, Joseph Aliceso, Shannon, J+Kelly, audrea, Bridget (couseler-clue maker). We had seven question

1. Find me something that lack color pigmentation

2. What eat 15 pound a day in the winter?

3. Find a smiling Bear.

4. take me to a Blue mylin.

4. I can't rember question 5 eta seven CXape Buffalo

I can't remember the rest of the questions. Also, yesterday we played Freeze tag. It was really really fun.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Speed Racers

Camp mirage

Today wasn`t how I thought it would go. First, we got Scott, our instructor, who was actually pretty nice. Then instead of working on our cars all day we also did gaga and the fly trap. I enjoyed the gaga and carving our car. The best thing we did today was probably… (And the award goes to!!!...) the designing and carving our cars!! That was the best thing.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13th- Shop

Shop `till you drop!!!!
It`s June 13, 2009 and mostly all we did was shop. I mean sheesh!! My sister got to go to a party and I was stuck shopping. Not exactly what I planned. Anyway, I was at target shopping and Meijer returning bottles then Uncle Ben`s house returning a chain saw. Actually, it was cool because I got to see a chain saw. Then we got my sister and she had candy!!!!!! Really I was jealous and that is all I want to say.

June 12th, The Dance Marathon

The dance marathon

On Friday I had a dance marathon. The reason why it was a dance marathon was because it was the day that we practiced our camp dances , colors of the wind [Pocahontas] and king of New York[ from Newsies, you know the news boys ?].The theme this year is colors. Our costumes are: Newsies:a light colored shirt , tan or khaki pants, a vest ,Optional: hat. Pocahontas: a black leotard, ribbons. The two kinds of dance I take are ballet and jazz [Newsies=jazz, Pocahontas=ballet]. I love dancing in the recitals.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11th, Last day of school, first day of summer

It wasn`t a party or anything but it was a memorable day everyone had practically gotten used to have the others around, even Ian though.

I was gonna miss some people. I had made friends with Parth and Nolan who I shall miss until next year. I had told Stav and Parth (mostly Stav I would try to bring them back some French food from France since we`ll be going there this summer. Mostly it was goodbyes, farewells and good lucks…. I am gonna miss every one.
(p.s. I also said bye to some girls not to be mean.)

The day before the last day of school-June 10th

The picnics

On Monday we had our school picnic…….well it was also oooooooooooouuuuuuuurrrrrrrrr ….FIELD DAY! We had kickball, basketball ,a dunk tank, and a lot more. Almost every single person in the school did the dunk tank. The three volunteers were:Mrs.Mulkiten,[gym teacher]Mr.Prebe[gym teacher .Again]Mrs.Macek[family 3 teacher.Finnaly!]Mr.prebe got dunked 3o times! Mrs.Mulkiten barely got dunked . Awww.


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday Visitors- may 30, 2009

I really was worried and happy at the same time. The guy who was coming over was Stavros he`s one of my best friends. Both of us have the same hobbies except I prefer to draw while he enjoys soccer. It was the third time he was coming to my house. We were planning to trade Pokémon but also we played outside, played stratego, and mixed records. Luke

When the Navarros came over

On Saturday the Navarros came over.
We spent all morning cleaning, cleaning, and cccccccccccllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnning!
Then we did some hurried shopping because Stavros was coming over to play with Luke [A.K.A Mr. ekul] At 3:30, the Navarros got here. First, we did dancing. Second we played spies.
This is how it went after that.
Freeze tag

Monday, May 25, 2009

Trip #1-Memorial Day Weekend at Nature's Kennel

Nature’s Kennel
I had been anticipating this for a week. We were finally going to Aunt Tasha`s!! Most of the time we were at the puppy pens. But, it also included quad rides, spear fishing, a bear sanctuary, and cold porridge (just kidding!). The thing I liked most was the pups and spear fishing. The bear sanctuary was an amazing sight ! If I wasn`t in trouble, I might have enjoyed it better. That`s mostly all we did really.

Nature’s Kennel
Ever since Mom had told us that we would be going to the U.P. I had been asking ‘when are we going’ and ‘how much longer till we are going’.I couldn’t wait. Finaly, finaly, finaly we got there. On the first day mostly all we did was hold puppies and play tag. On the second day we: went to the bear center, went hiking in the woods,[A.K.A we walked the older puppies]while everybody else went fishing,played apples to apples mom, aunt Tasha, and Mrs. Shelly, went wading\spearing\fishing, played a very good game of hide and seek, where me ,Emma, and Damon were moving around, and we went through the woods, past a junk pile and in a loop. Then we played a game where you were a fruit and you had to say”I love you banana’ or whatever fruit that person was without showing them your teeth. I was orange. Then me, Justin, Damon, Jake, and Emma played apples to apples. Then we watched a bit of WALL’E. We went to bed after that. When we woke up we left. I loved it all.