Saturday, July 25, 2009

Party, Party, Party!

Today we went to Maeve and Kenny’s birthday parties. At Kenny’s we played hide-n-seek and shot bubble rockets. (Rocket, actually.) Then we went to Maeve’s party. It was a carnival! And there were games, you could go swimming plus, a bounce house. I swam, then went in the bounce house. After I played a second of a game with Rory. After a second, I did games. I played:
· Whipped bubble gum
· Bean bag in the mouth
· Duckie
· Lollipop tree
Explanations: Whipped bubble gum: you put two pieces of bubble gum on a plate, cover it with whipped cream, then see who can blow a bubble first. Bean bag in the mouth: try to shot a bean bag in the alien’s mouth. Duckie: Try to get a duck with an orange spot on the bottom of it. Lollipop tree: Same thing except lollipops. Then we had to leave.

Also, last night, I was taking a bath, we had the door open, so pierre came in.[he escaped]. He climbed up on the ledge of the bathtub, went to the corner, and jumped in. Can you belive it?!??????????????! Pierre is one weird cat.



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