Saturday, July 11, 2009

Paper Mario

Okay hold on, I got a really good beginning piece “When a world is on the brink of destruction, only one hero can save it all,(different pictures of people saying the same name different ways.) “Mario?” “Mario.” “MMAAARIIIIIOOO!” “Mario bros. go!!!” “Curse you Mario, you filthy plumber!!!!!!!!”. In Mario the thousand year door! (Available only on Nintendo game cube. rated E for everyone.) Okay, not really a good starting piece but I wanted to do it. I was helping mom pack today and playing with K.c. one of my friends. Then I asked my mom if I could play a game and she said yes. The game I had Chosen was an old one called Paper Mario the thousand year door. It was really fun and I was really good at it because I was far in the game close to the end. In the game the characters are: Mario: the brave plumber is rescuing Peach (yet again.)Peach: captured by the infamous “x-nauts” she befriends T.E.C a super computer who want to help save Peach From his master Grodus`s evil plans. Bowser: with a brain the size of Kammy koopa`s teeth(she has none.) he wants to steal Peach, the crystal stars, and a ”legendary” treasure which nobody except Grodus knows is an ancient demon to destroy the world!(muhahahahahahahhaaaaa!!!) There are 6 individual sidekicks that have special powers. It all revolves around the crystal stars which can imprison the demon and, release it. I am so close I might win!!!

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