Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rollin` down the hills

Today… was pretty fun. We went to the rolling hills water park, which is in a county which`s name I can`t remember but it started with a “w”. Before we got there, we went to little Caesar’s to get lunch, which we had when we got to the water park (IT WAS AWESOME!!)*. My favorite thing is probably the wave pool (WAVE POOL!!! WOOHHH!!!!!!)By far. I was hanging out with my friends Dennis, Robert, and two girls, Who I can`t remember their names,(why does that happen?) but one`s Chinese & Japanese, while the other is Indian. All the things we did were: the lazy river (the boring part (snore), the play scape, (not so bad,) also the slides (ditto as the p.s. (play scape) wave, (WAVE POOL!!WAVE POOL! )Pool. What Dennis and I would do is while the wave pool was not doing the waves, we would swim out, then as we were on the back wall when the bell rang, we would start to swim away and then ride the waves back to the shore and then start fighting the waves (WHICH WAS AWESOME!!!) and wait until it went down again. I really enjoyed this, (yah really!) and it was not at all too bad.
* I am two people in this, one is my calm side, and the other is my excited side (this). Thank you!

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