Monday, June 27, 2011

Breanne asks:

“What book are you excited to read, over the summer?”

This is a question I don’t know the answer to. I’m not a publisher, [but my friend made up jobs for us and I got stuck with being an editor.L. I could have been a rock star!] So I don’t know what‘ll come out. I do kinda have a wish list of books, like a 4th hunger games. Why? a. Because the third one has my favorite last sentence, there are worse games to play, and b. Suzanne Collins is an awesome writer of books. There are several that I know aren’t coming out without anything short of a miracle, such as an eleventh ranger’s apprentice, because he’d have to kill halt, or a sixth fable haven. The guy clearly stated he wasn’t going to write another one. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Some books I can see coming out, like a second lost hero. I sincerely wish that the sorceress would come out, along with the 7th last apprentice. Whatever books I find at the library, I’m sure that I’ll be excited to read them.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sara asks:

“Liv, I know that you love animals. What would you like your next pet to be? What makes that animal the right one for you?”

Even though sky, the cats, and Apollo wouldn’t agree, I would love to get a Nature’s Kennel puppy.[ But a big dog would do.] Whenever we go up north and Aunt Tasha has puppies, I love to play with them and pet them. I also love to run with the adult dogs along the trail. They do come in different patterns, colors, and sizes, so I’d have no trouble at all finding one I like. Plus I get along with most dogs, and because they are so strong, a team of them can carry Aunt Tasha, dad, Luke, me and a sled. [I’m not sure that’s the full extent. Aunt Tasha, this is a question for you or anyone else who knows. What is the total number of pounds they can carry?] There is a problem though; I’d have trouble walking it once it gets big. But I guess I could have somebody walk it with me. In case I do ever get one; I doubt it, but I have two names. Comet and Jupiter. All in all I’d love to get a Nature’s Kennel puppy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mrs. Kristyn asks....

“Who is your favorite book character of all time?”


That is literally impossible to answer. First off, I’ve read so many books that every time someone asks that question, I answer differently. A remedy would be just list characters that are my favorites out of many favorites. [ right now . ha-ha harry potter. You’re not on the list.] Here they are!


Katniss and Rue from the Hunger Games by Suzanne Colins.P.S. Spoiler! Do not read the word in parentheses if you haven’t read the second book. Don’t read this at all if you haven’t read the hunger games. Katniss I admire for living through the hunger games [twice] and that the fact that she didn’t grow up well but learned how to shoot a bow and arrow and support her family. I admire her humanity for making sure she wouldn’t kill peeta and deciding that they would either kill themselves so not to kill their friend, or get half way through with the deed and stop because the people decided that yes, there could be two winners of the hunger games . rue I love because she survived so long, and she never really was a violent person and didn’t really try to kill the other people. rue was practically the only one who helped katniss in the game. Rue even helped after her death, because she motivated katniss to win the hunger games because she reminded her of prim and the fact that she was a innocent girl who was chosen to participate in the hunger games like katniss.


Artemis fowl and Holly from the Artemis fowl series by eoin colfer. The warning is the same as last time except for the little parentheses thing. I’ll start with Artemis. Criminal mastermind, rich, smart aleck, hacker, genius, and technology freak who believes in fairies. What’s not to like? He’s your average 12-year old. I envy Artemis for being a genius and being able to be involved with the fairy tale creatures. [Not so much for his encounters with trolls.] I like Artemis because he is awesome. Now on to Holly, she may be a bit rule breaking, but she’d do anything for Julius ‘beetroot ‘’root. Holly is a good (?) role model of a determined person because she really really is not going to let Julius tell her she’s not on the squad. Plus she’s an elf!

More: Kendra, Seth, and the rest of the fable haven crew, 39 clues peeps, and so many others.

Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011-You ask, Livi answers

Bumpa asks “ Livi-If you were hired as an activities director and had to create the menu for a cruise ship to the Mediterranean, what activities would you plan and what would be on the menu?”

First off, there would be two menus [three if you count kids.’] Vegetarian menu starts off with salad, bread, or fruit & veggies as appetizers. Next is the seafood, which features salmon, cod, white fish, clam, shellfish, tuna, and fish you can catch yourself. [One of the activities is fishing.] The third option would be pastas like ravioli, manicotti without meat, and just plain pasta. [Sauce and cheese optional.] The second to last segment is dessert, starring ice cream, a make-your-own-sundae bar, cookies, brownies, and our very own oil cake. [Courtesy of nana.] The last part is drinks. Slushy,[cherry, banana, strawberry, mango, and others are the exotic flavors you can mix.] Sodas come as dr.pepper, sprite, coke, cherry coke, vernor,s diet coke, diet vernors, diet dr. pepper, mountain dew and diet mountain dew.

The second menu is practically the same except there is another course which has meat like hamburger, pork loin, steak and others. The kids menu is just in smaller proportions, and it doesn’t serve diet soda and mountain dew.Instead they have juice and milk.

For the morning activities,we’re having a putt-putt and tennis competition, free swim, surfboarding and swimming lessons, and snorkeling. We’ll also stop the boat for a bit, so a ideal time to swim with dolphins is then. Afternoon activities include: fishing, whale watching [kidding maybe. It’s really bird watching.] karoke and dance, music lessons, and much more await on the princess Andromeda.