Friday, June 24, 2011

Sara asks:

“Liv, I know that you love animals. What would you like your next pet to be? What makes that animal the right one for you?”

Even though sky, the cats, and Apollo wouldn’t agree, I would love to get a Nature’s Kennel puppy.[ But a big dog would do.] Whenever we go up north and Aunt Tasha has puppies, I love to play with them and pet them. I also love to run with the adult dogs along the trail. They do come in different patterns, colors, and sizes, so I’d have no trouble at all finding one I like. Plus I get along with most dogs, and because they are so strong, a team of them can carry Aunt Tasha, dad, Luke, me and a sled. [I’m not sure that’s the full extent. Aunt Tasha, this is a question for you or anyone else who knows. What is the total number of pounds they can carry?] There is a problem though; I’d have trouble walking it once it gets big. But I guess I could have somebody walk it with me. In case I do ever get one; I doubt it, but I have two names. Comet and Jupiter. All in all I’d love to get a Nature’s Kennel puppy.

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  1. good choice, livi! i had grew up with a husky and just loved her and always wondered if she'd be happier pulling a sled than living in our house.
    great names too!!!