Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Parlez-Vous Fran├žais?

Today was a good day, to go to France!! Mostly on the trip I played Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles Echoes Of Time and slept. During the in between flight times we had to go through customs three times (geez!) The best part of all though was seeing Dad. I had really missed him and was really excited we were going to see him in France. We saw Dad after we got the plane. I was so happy to see him.



Today we got on the plane(s) to France. First, we had the 8 hour flight. I slept through most of the whole plane ride but I watched two movies. First, I watched Marley and Me. It was very very very VERY sad. In the end Marley dies. I also watched Hotel For Dogs. It was about these two kids a brother and a sister whose parents died. They are being placed in one foster home after the other one. One day their dog Friday ran into an abandoned hotel, so they went in after him. Inside they found two dogs. Then a couple other people came to help with the dogs. Basically, they were rescuing every stray dog that they could find. Then they got caught. After that the lawyer guy gave like a little speech thingy and then everybody said to keep the dogs. Then their lawyer adopted them. Bon Jour! Olivia

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today we had a fun day. This is how things were: 8:25: church, baseball game, then Maeve and rory's house. At Maeve and rory's house, we went swimming. First, we waited abit. Finnaly, we went in the pool. We began playing a fame were Luke was this guy and we were shapeshifters. We would run away (sorry SWIm away) from him. After that, we would go down the portal to atlantis (down the waterslide.) Even though he was in the same place in the pool as us He couldn't see or Hear us. When he went in the portal. We started playing war because He was squirting us with a water gun and hitting our Floaties. (well, that was after we started war.) So we took a ball, two tubes, several diving things (Which was what Luke was hiting us with.) A while after that, me got cold. Oh, yeah, and maranda was trying to hit Luke with a ball.. After we got changed we had to leave. Then we went to …………………………………………………….Granker and Papa's!!! We were coming to give the cat to them so that we could go to France. To see dadd Who has been in France a while. While Pika was getting out, we discovered that Sadie and Frida were there. For awhile, we playa tag. I was it. After that we played Hide-n-seek. Playing hid-in –seek was HILLARIOUS! When Luke was it, (and we were playing in the basement,) We hid in the deepest darkest place we could find, (the corner) we sat, crouched. I was behind Frida, who was behind Sadie who was behind a BOOKSHELF/cart/storeage thingy, which was in plain view. We chose that place because we knew luke wold'nt go down there. We sat there cracking up, while not trying to restrain our laughter. The funniest thing though was luke saying this to Granker (we could hear them) "Where's a floodlight". And then we got kicked out. A good day. A good bye to all, and see you on Skype NANAa and BUMPA!!!!


Saturday, June 27, 2009


Three words, WE.WERE.AWSOME!! It was the second playoff game and the A`s better not get too cocky up there or they might blow the whole thing!! We were aganst the braves who we`ve beat twice. The positions I played were short stop, catcher, third, and second. I was catcher with Donnie. I got walked, got two hits, and a strike out. Really today wasn`t too bad a game.


Friday June 26th BBOOORRIINNG!

[mom note-Liv didn't have a chance to write her blog on friday so this was written Saturday morning]

Yesterday was really boring. It was boring because we went . . . .shopping:( You see, I don't really like shopping. The only store we went to was target :). At target we got alot of things. Me and luke also got a chocolate bar. I got a hersey's bar chocolate bar. Luke got a twix bar. Luke also had a game that day. The angels lost, 4-8. We got ice cream anyway. Now, Luke is in the championship. YEEAAAH!I like when Luke wins.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bad day, good day

Today was an upside down mess. It had a good part and a bad part. The bad day was concluded as I didn`t go to my game which I wanted to win, and the rain which had me not go to my game. The best part was actually fun, because we went swimming, played a game and watched a movie. We had been wanting to swim and I asked if Montana and K.C. could come over to swim and Mom said yes. It had been hot outside and the cement was hot too so I made a joke because I had my feet very dirty and it looked like they were burnt from an oven and I said “Hurry my feet are `a cooking!” and show them the bottom of my feet to be goofy. In the pool we played games like Marco-polo and talking under water. Even Montez came over! We were having so much fun we didn`t even notice the thunder clouds, which rained as said earlier . After that we tried to find out if I had my game today as said earlier it was canceled. Then we watched a movie that came from Netflix, after I had played my game before checking about the base ball game. So really, today wasn`t too shabby.
Ekul= Luke

June 24th, Camp dearborn

today we went to camp dearborn to see maeve and rory. They had alrady been there since saturday. We only stayed until after lunch because it was daddy's birthday. We didn't do alot of things because we were in the pool for almost the whole morning. In the kiddie's pool, (the little, little ones, you know, like 1-5 year olds?) So, anyways, we played 7 little speckled frogs, and simon says. We also played 3-up. We were going to play 7-up But we didn't have enough people. We stopped playing and had a free swimm break right when it was my turn. also at Petsmart we saw a minature link. I told Pika I saw his nephew. Hee Hee. Camp dearborn was really fun.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Water, Water, everywhere!!

Today wasn't as planned. I had planned to play games and do things like vaccum. First mom made me "purge" my room and want to check it when it looks way better! I also went swimming with Livi, Montana, K.C., and Esin Olivia's friend. We tryed to play games but mostly splashed around. Montana even swam to the middle's bottom! (pretty big since K.C. can't be at the middle) so really it was mostly swimming! I had enjoyed the swiming but not cleaning my room, really today wasn`t so bad.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ohh Monday

On Monday, we went to Greenfield Village and swimming. Montez and Montanna came to swimm. We play Marco Polo for a bit then played blind man's Bluff. Montanna was always it. That was because she never called blindman's bluff so when she was at one end we would get out and get in the other side. When we went to Greenfield Village we saw lots of horses. Horses drawing cart things mostly. Nana and Bumpa went too. We had chicken and frozen custard for lunch. We looked at hats, flowers, and herbs. Bumpa told us to taste the sivia because it tastes like sugar. It really did. I love going to Greenfield Village.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let`s go Angels!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday`s game was exciting! I got on base every time! Mostly I had seen us get all these great hits (note the boom crack boom boom crack).
I mostly got some hits but I also got walked a few times, stole second and third, then got home in two hits. In all it was probably a pretty good game.( Also played well by the mets)

Ekul= Luke.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday June 20th

Friday was my last day of Animal Planet field-trip camp. We went to the Detroit zoo . We were supposed to go to the Potter Park Zoo on wendesday but instead went to go to the movies because it was raining. At the Detroit Zoo, we saw lots of things there like bears,snakes,lizards,and much more.It was fun.

On wenesday I had my recital.My songs are Colors of the wind,Big yellow taxi,Into white, and king of new York. My favorite is probably either newies or colors of the wind. I want to dance next year but I want to take hip hop.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Camp mirage Speed racers

Today was the best!! I won a race, got free pizza (I really ate the crust), and played dodge ball. I enjoyed this day. First we added the axles, wheels and fish eyes (the little things string goes through). And then we raced!! I was up aganst Kyle and I won!!!(WWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!). I had named my car ichor because it`s Greek for “blood of the gods” and I had a friend named Stav who is Greek. Mostly I had the time of my life here. CAMP MIRAGE!!!!!!!!!!

Ekul =Luke

Thursday June 18th

Lady, a tan horse.
On monday we went to the el Packo farm. I already told you about that so lets skip
on tuesday the nature hike and cambellas SKIP!!!!!
on wendesday I went to the movies and the natureal history museum. The moveie we saw was UP. It's a sadddd moovvviiieee. Some thigns are bad and some are funny. I don't get what Up has to do with animals. We went to the Natureal history museum and the exibit that I liked most was probably the floor withe the Birds and fish and the wolverine. My favorite animal was probably the snake thing and the fake wolf coyote and the other exibits. I like the natural history museum.
Today, (thursday), we went horsebackriding and Bison Feeding. My horses name was lady. She was really good except when these things happened. Alison's horse went like this to lady. (picture of horses kicking each other). Then zoooommmm Kelly's horse kicked my horse for no reeason. lady then reares and ran really fast (sprinted) and then I had to hol on to her reins and pull there reins really hard. Ohan we controled the horses by our reines. Smitty said I did a really good job. then we had lunch (lunchables) Then we went on a wagon ride. We fed the byson corn. Bye Bye.
I love ANIMAL PLANET CAMP! i wish it would never end!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday June 17th, Speed Racers

Today also did not go as hoped. It was Just raining, raining, raining. We worked on our cars but, I mostly enjoyed when we tried to indy a platform to another. The farthest we got on our cars was axle holes (paints tomorrow!! WHOOO!). I'm actually pretty excited about the race.

(p.s. other's cars are awesome!)

End of camp

Yesterday (June 16th)
Yesterday I got the game ball beacuase, I caught an amazing hit and almost got two outs! (WHOOO!!) Really I was lucky because others deserved it too.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ANimal Planet-Tuesday June 16th, 2009

On Monday I started the animal Planet field trip camp. It hasn't really been exciteng Except going to the EL PACK'O RANCH (mom note-Alpaca). Go on a NATURE HIKE, Vist CABELLA'S, And do a SCAVENGER HUNT. On MOnday We went to the El Packa Farm.

Fun Facts about the elpacko-
  • Did you know the they are cousins of the llama, no ta kind of llama?
  • 3 hours after their birth bay El Packas can run 3 miles per hour.

End of fun facts.

We got to geel the El Pachas and pet them. that was mostly what we did there.


On tues day (today), we went on a Nautre Hike. it was mosquito storms! Everybody was slapping, slapping, and slapping at mosquitos. Something Funny happend, when we finnnaly reached the end of the trip and we we like 3 feet away. Me and matt started running for the van because the mosquitos were so bad, Dave said "Stop, were in the parking lot." So then it went like this ------------(tiny steps, quick) until we could go to the vann. The at cabella's we looked at dead animals n fish. When the tour was over we did our scanveger hunt. We divided into teams: team one: me dave (coseler, clue maker) Matt, riley, Aysia, Jake, Jacob, Team two:everybody else aslen Nickk, Joseph Aliceso, Shannon, J+Kelly, audrea, Bridget (couseler-clue maker). We had seven question

1. Find me something that lack color pigmentation

2. What eat 15 pound a day in the winter?

3. Find a smiling Bear.

4. take me to a Blue mylin.

4. I can't rember question 5 eta seven CXape Buffalo

I can't remember the rest of the questions. Also, yesterday we played Freeze tag. It was really really fun.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Speed Racers

Camp mirage

Today wasn`t how I thought it would go. First, we got Scott, our instructor, who was actually pretty nice. Then instead of working on our cars all day we also did gaga and the fly trap. I enjoyed the gaga and carving our car. The best thing we did today was probably… (And the award goes to!!!...) the designing and carving our cars!! That was the best thing.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13th- Shop

Shop `till you drop!!!!
It`s June 13, 2009 and mostly all we did was shop. I mean sheesh!! My sister got to go to a party and I was stuck shopping. Not exactly what I planned. Anyway, I was at target shopping and Meijer returning bottles then Uncle Ben`s house returning a chain saw. Actually, it was cool because I got to see a chain saw. Then we got my sister and she had candy!!!!!! Really I was jealous and that is all I want to say.

June 12th, The Dance Marathon

The dance marathon

On Friday I had a dance marathon. The reason why it was a dance marathon was because it was the day that we practiced our camp dances , colors of the wind [Pocahontas] and king of New York[ from Newsies, you know the news boys ?].The theme this year is colors. Our costumes are: Newsies:a light colored shirt , tan or khaki pants, a vest ,Optional: hat. Pocahontas: a black leotard, ribbons. The two kinds of dance I take are ballet and jazz [Newsies=jazz, Pocahontas=ballet]. I love dancing in the recitals.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11th, Last day of school, first day of summer

It wasn`t a party or anything but it was a memorable day everyone had practically gotten used to have the others around, even Ian though.

I was gonna miss some people. I had made friends with Parth and Nolan who I shall miss until next year. I had told Stav and Parth (mostly Stav I would try to bring them back some French food from France since we`ll be going there this summer. Mostly it was goodbyes, farewells and good lucks…. I am gonna miss every one.
(p.s. I also said bye to some girls not to be mean.)

The day before the last day of school-June 10th

The picnics

On Monday we had our school picnic…….well it was also oooooooooooouuuuuuuurrrrrrrrr ….FIELD DAY! We had kickball, basketball ,a dunk tank, and a lot more. Almost every single person in the school did the dunk tank. The three volunteers were:Mrs.Mulkiten,[gym teacher]Mr.Prebe[gym teacher .Again]Mrs.Macek[family 3 teacher.Finnaly!]Mr.prebe got dunked 3o times! Mrs.Mulkiten barely got dunked . Awww.