Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bad day, good day

Today was an upside down mess. It had a good part and a bad part. The bad day was concluded as I didn`t go to my game which I wanted to win, and the rain which had me not go to my game. The best part was actually fun, because we went swimming, played a game and watched a movie. We had been wanting to swim and I asked if Montana and K.C. could come over to swim and Mom said yes. It had been hot outside and the cement was hot too so I made a joke because I had my feet very dirty and it looked like they were burnt from an oven and I said “Hurry my feet are `a cooking!” and show them the bottom of my feet to be goofy. In the pool we played games like Marco-polo and talking under water. Even Montez came over! We were having so much fun we didn`t even notice the thunder clouds, which rained as said earlier . After that we tried to find out if I had my game today as said earlier it was canceled. Then we watched a movie that came from Netflix, after I had played my game before checking about the base ball game. So really, today wasn`t too shabby.
Ekul= Luke

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