Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ANimal Planet-Tuesday June 16th, 2009

On Monday I started the animal Planet field trip camp. It hasn't really been exciteng Except going to the EL PACK'O RANCH (mom note-Alpaca). Go on a NATURE HIKE, Vist CABELLA'S, And do a SCAVENGER HUNT. On MOnday We went to the El Packa Farm.

Fun Facts about the elpacko-
  • Did you know the they are cousins of the llama, no ta kind of llama?
  • 3 hours after their birth bay El Packas can run 3 miles per hour.

End of fun facts.

We got to geel the El Pachas and pet them. that was mostly what we did there.


On tues day (today), we went on a Nautre Hike. it was mosquito storms! Everybody was slapping, slapping, and slapping at mosquitos. Something Funny happend, when we finnnaly reached the end of the trip and we we like 3 feet away. Me and matt started running for the van because the mosquitos were so bad, Dave said "Stop, were in the parking lot." So then it went like this ------------(tiny steps, quick) until we could go to the vann. The at cabella's we looked at dead animals n fish. When the tour was over we did our scanveger hunt. We divided into teams: team one: me dave (coseler, clue maker) Matt, riley, Aysia, Jake, Jacob, Team two:everybody else aslen Nickk, Joseph Aliceso, Shannon, J+Kelly, audrea, Bridget (couseler-clue maker). We had seven question

1. Find me something that lack color pigmentation

2. What eat 15 pound a day in the winter?

3. Find a smiling Bear.

4. take me to a Blue mylin.

4. I can't rember question 5 eta seven CXape Buffalo

I can't remember the rest of the questions. Also, yesterday we played Freeze tag. It was really really fun.


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