Monday, September 7, 2009

Last one!

Luke and Olivia are headed back to school tomorrow. Here are their final two blogs. Liv is not entirely ready to give up her blog so she may be posting more yet and said that there's always next summer. Luke just made a face. CM

The curtain opens. New adventure! When we went camping we picked blueberries, did wine tasting, and played around. (Daddy was in France) When we went to Nature’s Kennel, we helped feed and walk the dogs, swim and play hide and seek. When we went Camp Dearborn, we swam. At Bella’s birthday we read and played with Bella. Kenny’s birthday we played with bubbles. At Maeve’s we swam and played carnival games. In France we read, walked, hiked, and played a lot. When we went to Minnesota, we went to the state fair and played with Drew. We also saw Mrs. Kristyn when she was camping.We also went to the Renaissance Festival we watched jousting and played fencing. My brother won, but it was still my favorite. Finally, yesterday Uncle Ben had a hamburger and hot dog roast. I played with Bella. With that final act, the curtains close, and another show……….BEGINS!!!!!!


Summary of the summer day
Oh, you`re probably thinking about how I just write reviews every day on games. Hunh? But no! Today is 発音記号表!! (that`s Portuguese.) I`m writing about the things I did! (Evil laugh… HAHAHAHAHA!) The best parts of my summer were: France, camp, camping, and the state fairs, plus the Renaissance fair. I`ve already written about France and the camp (see camp mirage series.). So, during camping it was mostly, reading, walking, and helping around camp. Almost all the stuff I did with Uncle Ben was games and such. Also, all the adults did some wine tasting, and then bought some. During the last few days of our trip, my grand-father brought us down to the beach, where I and my sister made friends with some people and wanted to stay longer when we had to leave. After that we ended up with the Minnesota state fair. Mom`s friend, Sue, offered for us to stay at her house during our stay. We did lots of stuff out side when we were there like base ball. But the best thing was the state fair. It was ab-sol-ute-ly HUGE!! Although similar to our state fair, it was wayyyyyyyyy different! Also, Drew, (Sue and Damon`s three year old son.) would yell a lot before bed: “MO-MEE!! DA-DEE!!! It`s time for bed!!!” It was actually kinda` funny. When we did our fair back home, that was fun too. But best of all, was the renaissances fair. I left with three souvenirs: one bought, one lived and another watched. I had bought a tooth necklace, I did fencing match and watched a tournament. All –in-all I probably had the best summer yet!!!!!!