Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday Visitors- may 30, 2009

I really was worried and happy at the same time. The guy who was coming over was Stavros he`s one of my best friends. Both of us have the same hobbies except I prefer to draw while he enjoys soccer. It was the third time he was coming to my house. We were planning to trade Pokémon but also we played outside, played stratego, and mixed records. Luke

When the Navarros came over

On Saturday the Navarros came over.
We spent all morning cleaning, cleaning, and cccccccccccllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnning!
Then we did some hurried shopping because Stavros was coming over to play with Luke [A.K.A Mr. ekul] At 3:30, the Navarros got here. First, we did dancing. Second we played spies.
This is how it went after that.
Freeze tag

Monday, May 25, 2009

Trip #1-Memorial Day Weekend at Nature's Kennel

Nature’s Kennel
I had been anticipating this for a week. We were finally going to Aunt Tasha`s!! Most of the time we were at the puppy pens. But, it also included quad rides, spear fishing, a bear sanctuary, and cold porridge (just kidding!). The thing I liked most was the pups and spear fishing. The bear sanctuary was an amazing sight ! If I wasn`t in trouble, I might have enjoyed it better. That`s mostly all we did really.

Nature’s Kennel
Ever since Mom had told us that we would be going to the U.P. I had been asking ‘when are we going’ and ‘how much longer till we are going’.I couldn’t wait. Finaly, finaly, finaly we got there. On the first day mostly all we did was hold puppies and play tag. On the second day we: went to the bear center, went hiking in the woods,[A.K.A we walked the older puppies]while everybody else went fishing,played apples to apples mom, aunt Tasha, and Mrs. Shelly, went wading\spearing\fishing, played a very good game of hide and seek, where me ,Emma, and Damon were moving around, and we went through the woods, past a junk pile and in a loop. Then we played a game where you were a fruit and you had to say”I love you banana’ or whatever fruit that person was without showing them your teeth. I was orange. Then me, Justin, Damon, Jake, and Emma played apples to apples. Then we watched a bit of WALL’E. We went to bed after that. When we woke up we left. I loved it all.