Friday, July 22, 2011

Aunt Jenna asks....

“You can have dinner with anyone from history alive or dead.  Who will you have dinner with and what will you discuss.  BTW what’s for dinner?”

I would have dinner with j.k. Rowling. I’d like to know what she thought about the movies, like was she okay with the changes, or which one is her favorite. I’d also ask her about who her favorite author when she was growing up and if she ever wished it was going to be a movie. I’ll probably ask what her favorite color, place, book, movie, and animal are. Other things I’ll ask include what her favorite book she wrote and what was her favorite pet she had/has. We’d have baguette and stuffed shells [Uncle Ben’s are the best!] for dinner.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mrs. Liz asks...

“If you could team 2 characters up from totally different books, who would they be, and how would you get them together?”

I have a couple pairs I would make, because I like several heroes\ heroines, and there are several character combinations that could be arranged, like:
*      Artemis fowl and Percy Jackson from Artemis fowl and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
They are both intelligent, but one is smarter. Percy is better at fighting and they both have traversed the world. I could imagine how much of a difference they could make. One of them could save the world. Both of them could make it.
If I had to get them together, it’d be easy. I could probably send Percy on a quest to do something, and it just so happens that Artemis has what he needs. But in exchange Percy has to…………. [Insert what Percy has to do.] The craziest partnership is born.

*      Amy and Sabrina from 39 clues and sisters Grimm
Both have to deal with saving their little sibling, and one knows their parents are dead. [Sabrina’s parent’s are in an enchanted sleep.]they’ve both been faced with many enemies such as the scarlet hand, the man in black, jack, prince charming, Irina, Alistair , moth, and others. They think that they are only trying to tell everyone the truth but they’re sometimes wrong. Sabrina and Amy hunt for things. Amy hunts for clues, and Sabrina hunts for the cure to save her parents. They are alike in many ways.
I need to go back in time when Sabrina goes to New York with puck. There may or may not have been a clue in New York but I don’t know. So Amy and Sabrina run into each other. I’m not sure that I know what happens next, but oh well.

I could go on and on, so I picked the two favorite combinations. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could create book characters using character combinations like genius and freaky superpowers like mibs? [Savvy]

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mrs. Jori asks:

“It is your turn to pick the movie for family movie night.  Which movie would you choose and why?”

If we get to go out to the movies. . . I would say harry potter and the deathly hollows part two. I have three reasons. It’s the conclusion to a series, and it‘s a new movie we haven’t watched yet. Also, I want to see if they made any changes like skipping a minor part. Expecto patronum!

If we are staying home. . . At home, it depends what mood I’m in and what I’ve been doing.  If I’m in a bad mood I’d probably watch animaniacs, if I read Percy Jackson, I’d probably watch percy Jackson, you get the idea;  there’s  so  many movie combinations and choices it’s not funny.

If we are having an at home drive-in and there’s a double feature. . .  I’d change it to a triple feature so I could watch all three pirates of the Caribbean movies. I’d do that so we could go see the fourth one, the fountain of youth or something. [Plus we haven’t watched them in a really, really, really long time.] So any way, if it had to be a double feature, I would pick the third and first one. The third one because……. Well, it is the third one. Don’t you whenever you’re going to watch a new installment in a series want to catch up?  I say the first because I like the second and first the same, and when I did eenie meenie miney moe, it won.

If it is the Netflix movie…then it’s usually Naruto or Star Trek.  We have been watching The Full Metal Alchemyst. 

Speaking of movies, after I write this I get to watch one! Hmmmmm… eeny meeny miney moe…..

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Aunt Sarah asks....

”If you could enter the world of a book which book would it be? And who/what would your character be like and do in the story?”

Hmmmmmmmmmm. This is actually a show, but I think it would be neat to be first mate in one of the ships like the enterprise in star trek: the next generation. Then I could check out the holodeck, the turbo lift, [I know that sounds dumb, but I want to go on it.]Plus lead the away team. And it kinda fits the question if you could enter the world of a book; their mission is to explore new worlds. I’d want to be like Deanna in the sense of her race, which can read feelings. I like animals and I’m fun and creative. My character is basically me.[ grown-up and in a later time period.]

The storyline of star trek is the problems that the ship& crew encounter, like borg, Q, ferengi, and romulans. The episode would have to be about the enterprise, so maybe the ship goes for repairs that are supposed to be quick, like the camper repairs, and suddenly a emergency meeting is called. The ship isn’t repaired, so they (Jordi, Data, Riker, Piccard, Worf, and Troi.) Have to take a different ship. My ship. The rest of the episode is the random glitches, and how me, Jordi and some other people fix the ship when it breaks down, and get to the emergency meeting.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mrs. Sue asks.....

“Liv, if you were granted a trip around the world…where would you stop and what kinds of things would you want to see and do?’’

This is a list of places and one reason why I want to go there. It starts and ends in Michigan, my home.

  • · Venice. I would <3 to ride in a gondola. [<3 is a heart, which = love]
  • · Australia. The Great Barrier Reef! (I can see you, little fishy.)
  • · Greece. So many wonders! Like the Parthenon. . .
  • · Rome. Look above this line. Except instead of the Parthenon the Colosseum
  • · Hawaii. Did you see me nail that wave?
  • · Paris. I’m at the top of the Eiffel tower!
  • · Switzerland. Skiing 101+ chocolate = yyyyyyyuuuuuuummmmm.
  • · La Petite Pierre, France. It’s La Petite Pierre. I can’t give an exact reason why I liked it there but I want to go back.
  • · Oceanus. I don’t know where this is but they go there in The 39 Clues.
  • · Other random stuff I’d like to do on my trip but don’t know where: roller coasters, climb a mountain, go in a shark tank, deep sea dive, go to Brazil, ride a camel in the desert, see lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, and about every other animal in the wild. [Not including the rare specimen of brothers, which some wish didn't exist. Oops, who’d go in the pool with me when dad’s not home? Maybe not.]
  • Alright, I just listed everything that popped into my head. But if I went on this trip, I think it might be a bit fun.