Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mrs. Liz asks...

“If you could team 2 characters up from totally different books, who would they be, and how would you get them together?”

I have a couple pairs I would make, because I like several heroes\ heroines, and there are several character combinations that could be arranged, like:
*      Artemis fowl and Percy Jackson from Artemis fowl and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
They are both intelligent, but one is smarter. Percy is better at fighting and they both have traversed the world. I could imagine how much of a difference they could make. One of them could save the world. Both of them could make it.
If I had to get them together, it’d be easy. I could probably send Percy on a quest to do something, and it just so happens that Artemis has what he needs. But in exchange Percy has to…………. [Insert what Percy has to do.] The craziest partnership is born.

*      Amy and Sabrina from 39 clues and sisters Grimm
Both have to deal with saving their little sibling, and one knows their parents are dead. [Sabrina’s parent’s are in an enchanted sleep.]they’ve both been faced with many enemies such as the scarlet hand, the man in black, jack, prince charming, Irina, Alistair , moth, and others. They think that they are only trying to tell everyone the truth but they’re sometimes wrong. Sabrina and Amy hunt for things. Amy hunts for clues, and Sabrina hunts for the cure to save her parents. They are alike in many ways.
I need to go back in time when Sabrina goes to New York with puck. There may or may not have been a clue in New York but I don’t know. So Amy and Sabrina run into each other. I’m not sure that I know what happens next, but oh well.

I could go on and on, so I picked the two favorite combinations. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could create book characters using character combinations like genius and freaky superpowers like mibs? [Savvy]

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