Thursday, July 7, 2011

Aunt Sarah asks....

”If you could enter the world of a book which book would it be? And who/what would your character be like and do in the story?”

Hmmmmmmmmmm. This is actually a show, but I think it would be neat to be first mate in one of the ships like the enterprise in star trek: the next generation. Then I could check out the holodeck, the turbo lift, [I know that sounds dumb, but I want to go on it.]Plus lead the away team. And it kinda fits the question if you could enter the world of a book; their mission is to explore new worlds. I’d want to be like Deanna in the sense of her race, which can read feelings. I like animals and I’m fun and creative. My character is basically me.[ grown-up and in a later time period.]

The storyline of star trek is the problems that the ship& crew encounter, like borg, Q, ferengi, and romulans. The episode would have to be about the enterprise, so maybe the ship goes for repairs that are supposed to be quick, like the camper repairs, and suddenly a emergency meeting is called. The ship isn’t repaired, so they (Jordi, Data, Riker, Piccard, Worf, and Troi.) Have to take a different ship. My ship. The rest of the episode is the random glitches, and how me, Jordi and some other people fix the ship when it breaks down, and get to the emergency meeting.

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  1. PS-Livi and Luke have been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix and are into the third season-the first episode of which contained much excitement-"Mom," yelled excitedly from the living room, "Dr. Crusher's back!" Between Star Trek and Naruto, I see very few of the movies I put on the Netflix list!