Monday, August 22, 2011

Uncle Mark asks:

 “You’ve just been given one million dollars to make the world a better place, how would you accomplish that?”

Donate a lot to charity.  I really don’t know, because there is so much you could do with a million dollars.  Adopt a child so that there’s one less lonely person.  Give to the hungry.  Help in places where natural disasters struck, or help refuges find new homes.  I have decided that to compromise, I would give to several charities, like Greenpeace or Red Cross and Can Drives and Homeless Shelters.  I have three main places I would donate to:  The Humane Society, Red Cross, and Homeless Shelters that have a lot of people that come to it.
I would donate to the Humane Society because I love animals and adopting an animal and having it can be very positive and fun.  I love my kitty cats.  Also, donating to the Humane Society will make sure that less animals are put down.  I’d hate to have to put down an animal just because there is not enough room for it.
I would donate to Red Cross because they help people in different situations like fires, earthquakes, and tornados.  It doesn’t just help people who, let’s say are victims of a tsunami there’s a variety of problems that the Red Cross helps deal with, and they provide medical attention and food and shelter.
But unfortunately, I don’t have a million dollars.  A billion would be nice too.  I can still do a can drive, or a penny drive though.  Hmmm, what else could I do?  Volunteer, donate food and old clothes, recycle. . . There’s still a lot I can do without a million dollars.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mrs. Sandra asks:

“If you could revisit any decade past which would it be and why?”
I don’t know what decade this happened in, but I’d like to go back to when the first man was on the moon. I’d like to go to because I want to see the first man on the moon and see how the NASA technology changed from then to now.
I want to see the first man land on moon because I want to see what the moon looks like. I also want to see it from their perspective, seeing it for the first time instead of seeing it for the? time. They’d say it was awe inspiring because this was literally the first time. Ever. I’d love to feel what they did, the weightlessness and everything else.
I want to compare the technology so I can see the technology advancement between times and how we made it better. [Plus it might help with any tests. And anything that has to do with the NASA or the first trip to the moon.]
I would visit the decade the man went to the moon.   

Monday, August 1, 2011

Aunt Nor asks:

 “What would be your dream come true fun?”
Scuba diving. I don’t know why but I really want to go scuba diving. It’s like……. Well I’ve seen those nature shows and that planet earth series which has a feature of the oceans. It sounded really cool talking about the reefs and fish. I’d love to see the bright colors and reefs, plants and other things.
I want to scuba dive because I’d get to see animals in the wild instead of in an aquarium. Even though it’s dangerous, I would love to swim with jelly fish, a whale shark or just a whale in general. I could experience what some people say is the best thing ever. I’m  not sure about breathing, but whatev. (Plus Luke went scuba diving with one of his camps. (Not the see stuff kind.) He said it was cool.
I really love the sensation of snorkeling, and I imagine it would be ten times better scuba diving. It’s something I want to try and do, and since I really enjoyed snorkeling, I want to scuba dive.