Monday, August 22, 2011

Uncle Mark asks:

 “You’ve just been given one million dollars to make the world a better place, how would you accomplish that?”

Donate a lot to charity.  I really don’t know, because there is so much you could do with a million dollars.  Adopt a child so that there’s one less lonely person.  Give to the hungry.  Help in places where natural disasters struck, or help refuges find new homes.  I have decided that to compromise, I would give to several charities, like Greenpeace or Red Cross and Can Drives and Homeless Shelters.  I have three main places I would donate to:  The Humane Society, Red Cross, and Homeless Shelters that have a lot of people that come to it.
I would donate to the Humane Society because I love animals and adopting an animal and having it can be very positive and fun.  I love my kitty cats.  Also, donating to the Humane Society will make sure that less animals are put down.  I’d hate to have to put down an animal just because there is not enough room for it.
I would donate to Red Cross because they help people in different situations like fires, earthquakes, and tornados.  It doesn’t just help people who, let’s say are victims of a tsunami there’s a variety of problems that the Red Cross helps deal with, and they provide medical attention and food and shelter.
But unfortunately, I don’t have a million dollars.  A billion would be nice too.  I can still do a can drive, or a penny drive though.  Hmmm, what else could I do?  Volunteer, donate food and old clothes, recycle. . . There’s still a lot I can do without a million dollars.

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