Friday, June 22, 2012

Time for the summer writing project!

Here's our (my) ambitious writing plan:
Mondays-a science experiment with a write up
Thursdays-reading and responding to the news
Friday-book review

The week was a little busy, so it's all getting posted today.
Part one-Olivia's book review

The false prince
Written by: Jenifer A. Nielson.
 report by Olivia Melville.
The false prince is a story about a group of orphans in the kingdom of carthya. The story is from the view point of sage a orpan. Or is he some one else?The king, queen , and heir to the throne have been poisoned and are dead, and have been so for a while. The youngest son, jaron, may or may not be alive. He was scheduled to go to a school upon a boat but after they set sail the pirates of avenia, their neighboring land, attacked the ship and jarons body was never found.. now, we meet the orphans latamer, tobias, roden, and sage. They were picked up at various orphanages by a mysterious elusive mr.conner, a noble man of the court. Conner has a plan; one the orphans must play an illusion, and speak naught but lies and treachery. The orphans who are not chosen to play the role will die. The one who is must be the false prince. 

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