Friday, June 22, 2012

part two-Luke's review


A report by Luke Melville

                First off, let me get this straight. Max, Eric, and Schwarz are NOT pranksters. They are bona fide Hackers. A hacker is a person or group who does things to show that something is flawed or to punish someone evil. (Like their social studies teacher).
                Eric is the good guy, the main ethical point, the man who can. Max is the idea guy, almost constantly coming up with Ideas that would work perfect if it went exactly to plan. Schwarz is the super-genius who has vintage playboys, worships math (bleh.) and is completely and utterly afraid of live women. (In the beginning, the other two have to clean his room of female underwear, and Schwarz is totally terrified of each. (especially a “slinky black lace” bra)).
                So, the three are hackers. Soon, Max makes a bet with other people called the “Bums” for around… $25,000. They challenge if Max`s group can get a totally sleazy, lazy, mean, jerky moron named Clay Porter into Harvard. Max takes the bet, and the game is on. Throughout the book, the three hackers struggle with doing the job while following their (Surprisingly) strict code of conduct, attempting to earn those twenty-five grand while not getting caught.
                Later in the story, another element appears. A Harvard possibility named Lex. Eric begins to fall for her, only until the guys find out that she was a spy working for the Bums to get into Harvard the whole time. After her secret is out, she ends up helping the guys win the bet. Afterwards, it is revealed that she was the one telling the story, and she never got into Harvard, but it was probably for the better.

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