Friday, June 22, 2012

part three-Luke newspaper

This week I`m writing about Tigers baseball. (If only because I was bored by the politics.) Justin Verlander of the D-Tigers is planning to go to the All-Star game. The rotation is allowing him plenty of rest, with his final start before the break to be July 4th, the final game on the 8th.
                Personally, I think he isn`t that great, mostly because he doesn`t do as well whenever I actually watch a baseball game (am I picking up Bumpa`s evil luck? Brrr…..) and I don`t really know the extent of the other player`s abilities. Besides that, I also don`t know if each team has to put in a minimum of one player for the game or if it`s by popular demand, anyway.
                Apparently he is the defender of the Cy Young award (oooohhhh…) most valuable player in MLB (aahhhhh…) and also is tied for quality starts in games with 12 (Wooooow!!). He also has been picked six times before (Obviously popular) and has an overwhelming majority of fans in Texas. (???)
                I don`t see how this all makes sense, but it seems that Verlander will be picked. So, for all of you baseball junkies in your Tiger`s dens and facial war paint, or Tiger`s beer in your man/Tigers/fan-cave, if -you love Verlander, now`s your chance to see him in an All-Star game once again.

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