Thursday, June 28, 2012

Luke's article response

Congress gives thanks, rights wartime injustices

(This was far overdue. Stupid politicians.)

 Wednesday, former African-American Marines obtained the highest civilian honors possible, the Congressional Gold Medal. I say it`s about time. The marines at the ceremony, now in their 80`s to 90`s, were treated like crap in the 1940`s, and the only reason they got the medals now was because the army and government felt bad. I think they should`ve gotten a lot more. The officers who trained them treated them like crap, they were not initially allowed to fight because the main head thought they were “unfit to fight”, and they didn`t get any honors for years because of segregation! What a load of bull-crap! They went through the exact same thing as the white soldiers, and they didn`t get anything. In fact, there were 19,000 African-Americans who were in the training camps and war. Only about a fifth of them still live. It`s like, “What the heck. Why did it take so long, that`s not even fair.” But, even though they aren`t getting a lot of honors, it`s still a very happy time for those men, who are finally being realized for their service.

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