Friday, June 29, 2012

Luke Book review

The book I`m currently writing about is called Seven Ghost. It follows the life of Teito, a slave child taken from a kingdom called Raggs, who was sold into military service. On the final days of his being in the Academy, he hears an officer named Ayanami talking about how he killed Teito`s “father”. Afterwards, Teito attacks Ayanami, is thrown into jail, and then escapes into District 7, the kingdom`s “Zone of God”.
After Teito escapes, he is found by three bishops, Frau (a total delinquent and perv) Castor (who makes moving dolls????) and Labrador, who take him to their church and care for him. Teito learns soon after that his friend who helped him escape, Mikage, is now in District 7. When Teito finds him, the whole church (especially the nuns (who, for some reason, are more teenaged and obsessed with anything they find cute, including Teito)) helps care for Mikage.
Soon after, it is revealed that Mikage only has half of a soul, and then during a mass, Mikage attacks Teito. Then, a reaper looking guy comes in, who Teito remembers as Zehel, a ghost who fought Verloren (basically this world`s Satan).
Unfortunately, that`s where the story kinda ended.
I personally enjoyed this manga because the story is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi (that means futuristic stuff) which was cool while at the same time not clashing. I also find the byplay between Frau and all the non-delinquent bishops to be quite funny (Castor-san always ticks Frau off) as well as the fact that all the nuns kept rejecting him, although he didn`t stop hitting on them.
I was also able to connect with the protagonist, mostly due to our similar views on faith. In the story, God hasn`t done anything to help Teito, and his life was almost misery outside of anything he could do. For me, I`ve never felt God help me in any sort of way, and I haven`t had much reason to trust he would do something for me currently.

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