Saturday, June 23, 2012

part 4-olivia review

Big? Or small?
The pasta debate
I was reading the news and I discovered a article on food. Nothing else was intresting so I read it. It was debating bigger noodles or smaller noodles. The article started out with the statement that you find larger noodles in soups and pasta salads, but smaller noodles dont over whelm anything else because instead of getting a bite of just noodle, the minis allow you to taste the other flavors by getting a noodle and salad or what ever you put in the pasta salad. It also listed some recipes for isreali couscous with watermelon, watercress and feta,and orzo and broccoli salad. Some types of pasta are orzo, couscous, and orecchiette. Also you can find mini version of penne and farfelle, fusilli and gemelli

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