Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mrs. Sandra asks:

“If you could revisit any decade past which would it be and why?”
I don’t know what decade this happened in, but I’d like to go back to when the first man was on the moon. I’d like to go to because I want to see the first man on the moon and see how the NASA technology changed from then to now.
I want to see the first man land on moon because I want to see what the moon looks like. I also want to see it from their perspective, seeing it for the first time instead of seeing it for the? time. They’d say it was awe inspiring because this was literally the first time. Ever. I’d love to feel what they did, the weightlessness and everything else.
I want to compare the technology so I can see the technology advancement between times and how we made it better. [Plus it might help with any tests. And anything that has to do with the NASA or the first trip to the moon.]
I would visit the decade the man went to the moon.   

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