Monday, July 11, 2011

Mrs. Jori asks:

“It is your turn to pick the movie for family movie night.  Which movie would you choose and why?”

If we get to go out to the movies. . . I would say harry potter and the deathly hollows part two. I have three reasons. It’s the conclusion to a series, and it‘s a new movie we haven’t watched yet. Also, I want to see if they made any changes like skipping a minor part. Expecto patronum!

If we are staying home. . . At home, it depends what mood I’m in and what I’ve been doing.  If I’m in a bad mood I’d probably watch animaniacs, if I read Percy Jackson, I’d probably watch percy Jackson, you get the idea;  there’s  so  many movie combinations and choices it’s not funny.

If we are having an at home drive-in and there’s a double feature. . .  I’d change it to a triple feature so I could watch all three pirates of the Caribbean movies. I’d do that so we could go see the fourth one, the fountain of youth or something. [Plus we haven’t watched them in a really, really, really long time.] So any way, if it had to be a double feature, I would pick the third and first one. The third one because……. Well, it is the third one. Don’t you whenever you’re going to watch a new installment in a series want to catch up?  I say the first because I like the second and first the same, and when I did eenie meenie miney moe, it won.

If it is the Netflix movie…then it’s usually Naruto or Star Trek.  We have been watching The Full Metal Alchemyst. 

Speaking of movies, after I write this I get to watch one! Hmmmmm… eeny meeny miney moe…..

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