Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today we got on the plane(s) to France. First, we had the 8 hour flight. I slept through most of the whole plane ride but I watched two movies. First, I watched Marley and Me. It was very very very VERY sad. In the end Marley dies. I also watched Hotel For Dogs. It was about these two kids a brother and a sister whose parents died. They are being placed in one foster home after the other one. One day their dog Friday ran into an abandoned hotel, so they went in after him. Inside they found two dogs. Then a couple other people came to help with the dogs. Basically, they were rescuing every stray dog that they could find. Then they got caught. After that the lawyer guy gave like a little speech thingy and then everybody said to keep the dogs. Then their lawyer adopted them. Bon Jour! Olivia

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