Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today we had a fun day. This is how things were: 8:25: church, baseball game, then Maeve and rory's house. At Maeve and rory's house, we went swimming. First, we waited abit. Finnaly, we went in the pool. We began playing a fame were Luke was this guy and we were shapeshifters. We would run away (sorry SWIm away) from him. After that, we would go down the portal to atlantis (down the waterslide.) Even though he was in the same place in the pool as us He couldn't see or Hear us. When he went in the portal. We started playing war because He was squirting us with a water gun and hitting our Floaties. (well, that was after we started war.) So we took a ball, two tubes, several diving things (Which was what Luke was hiting us with.) A while after that, me got cold. Oh, yeah, and maranda was trying to hit Luke with a ball.. After we got changed we had to leave. Then we went to …………………………………………………….Granker and Papa's!!! We were coming to give the cat to them so that we could go to France. To see dadd Who has been in France a while. While Pika was getting out, we discovered that Sadie and Frida were there. For awhile, we playa tag. I was it. After that we played Hide-n-seek. Playing hid-in –seek was HILLARIOUS! When Luke was it, (and we were playing in the basement,) We hid in the deepest darkest place we could find, (the corner) we sat, crouched. I was behind Frida, who was behind Sadie who was behind a BOOKSHELF/cart/storeage thingy, which was in plain view. We chose that place because we knew luke wold'nt go down there. We sat there cracking up, while not trying to restrain our laughter. The funniest thing though was luke saying this to Granker (we could hear them) "Where's a floodlight". And then we got kicked out. A good day. A good bye to all, and see you on Skype NANAa and BUMPA!!!!


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