Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 24th, Camp dearborn

today we went to camp dearborn to see maeve and rory. They had alrady been there since saturday. We only stayed until after lunch because it was daddy's birthday. We didn't do alot of things because we were in the pool for almost the whole morning. In the kiddie's pool, (the little, little ones, you know, like 1-5 year olds?) So, anyways, we played 7 little speckled frogs, and simon says. We also played 3-up. We were going to play 7-up But we didn't have enough people. We stopped playing and had a free swimm break right when it was my turn. also at Petsmart we saw a minature link. I told Pika I saw his nephew. Hee Hee. Camp dearborn was really fun.


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