Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday June 18th

Lady, a tan horse.
On monday we went to the el Packo farm. I already told you about that so lets skip
on tuesday the nature hike and cambellas SKIP!!!!!
on wendesday I went to the movies and the natureal history museum. The moveie we saw was UP. It's a sadddd moovvviiieee. Some thigns are bad and some are funny. I don't get what Up has to do with animals. We went to the Natureal history museum and the exibit that I liked most was probably the floor withe the Birds and fish and the wolverine. My favorite animal was probably the snake thing and the fake wolf coyote and the other exibits. I like the natural history museum.
Today, (thursday), we went horsebackriding and Bison Feeding. My horses name was lady. She was really good except when these things happened. Alison's horse went like this to lady. (picture of horses kicking each other). Then zoooommmm Kelly's horse kicked my horse for no reeason. lady then reares and ran really fast (sprinted) and then I had to hol on to her reins and pull there reins really hard. Ohan we controled the horses by our reines. Smitty said I did a really good job. then we had lunch (lunchables) Then we went on a wagon ride. We fed the byson corn. Bye Bye.
I love ANIMAL PLANET CAMP! i wish it would never end!

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