Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011-You ask, Livi answers

Bumpa asks “ Livi-If you were hired as an activities director and had to create the menu for a cruise ship to the Mediterranean, what activities would you plan and what would be on the menu?”

First off, there would be two menus [three if you count kids.’] Vegetarian menu starts off with salad, bread, or fruit & veggies as appetizers. Next is the seafood, which features salmon, cod, white fish, clam, shellfish, tuna, and fish you can catch yourself. [One of the activities is fishing.] The third option would be pastas like ravioli, manicotti without meat, and just plain pasta. [Sauce and cheese optional.] The second to last segment is dessert, starring ice cream, a make-your-own-sundae bar, cookies, brownies, and our very own oil cake. [Courtesy of nana.] The last part is drinks. Slushy,[cherry, banana, strawberry, mango, and others are the exotic flavors you can mix.] Sodas come as dr.pepper, sprite, coke, cherry coke, vernor,s diet coke, diet vernors, diet dr. pepper, mountain dew and diet mountain dew.

The second menu is practically the same except there is another course which has meat like hamburger, pork loin, steak and others. The kids menu is just in smaller proportions, and it doesn’t serve diet soda and mountain dew.Instead they have juice and milk.

For the morning activities,we’re having a putt-putt and tennis competition, free swim, surfboarding and swimming lessons, and snorkeling. We’ll also stop the boat for a bit, so a ideal time to swim with dolphins is then. Afternoon activities include: fishing, whale watching [kidding maybe. It’s really bird watching.] karoke and dance, music lessons, and much more await on the princess Andromeda.


  1. I love this Livi! I'm going on a cruise to the Mediterranean in August, and I really hope the chef sees this before we go! (Especially the part about the cherry slushies!)

  2. Livi, I would love to go on one of your cruises! I am getting hungry looking at your wonderful vegetarian selections! Yum!
    -Aunt Amy

  3. Livi, where can I book my Princess Andromeda cruise?!? Putt-putt, tennis, and swimming with dolphins sounds like a fun and relaxing trip I would like to be on. Plus, I love brownies and Vernor's - YUM!!