Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Dart shooting plants, crazy monkeys, a wild stampede, and a magical board game called Jumangji. Also, a gun toting lunatic. If you ask me, It`s TOTALLY WICKED!!! In the beginning, A boy named Allan, and a girl named Sarah, find a game called Jumangji. Allan gets sucked into it and Sarah is attacked by bats. 26 years later, a new family moves in and the children, Peter and his sister Judy, find Jumangji. Once they started, Peter rolls a 5 and Allan returns, They find Sarah, to finish the crazy game. That`s all I`m gonna` spill, so watch the movie and you`ll see how it ends! (p.s. IT`S AWSOME!!) The characters are: Peter, who turns into a half monkey late into the movie, Judy, Peter`s sister, nothing bad happens to her except at the end, Allan, one of the original players of the game, and Sarah, Allan`s girlfriend, and the other original player. Things to notice: Monkeys, lots and lots of `em!! Crazed explorer. Straight from Jumangji, and, he wants to kill Allan because he rolled the dice. So really it`s a good movie if you like jungle adventure and near death experiences. WICKED!!!!!!!!!!
Ekul= Luke!!!!!!!

PS- Have fun playing with the monkey-you can make him swing from branch to branch by pointing to branch with the mouse and then clicking on it. Mom added it-isn't it cool?

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