Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cat Call! X Fun!

Today was the best day ever! First, we got two new cats, Pierre and Charlett (see picture). Then we went to Maeve and Rory's house with P. and C. When we

there we played a game. In the game Maeve was a daughter of Posiedon being forced to marry Hade's oldest son, Nicko di Banshalno. The character are: Ekul (me): a half-Phantom who will protect his firends fiercly. Alex (Maeve): Posiedon's daughter, forced to marry Hade's oldest son, the otter twins (Livi and Rory): I have no story for these two. What happens is Alex is abducted, and we have to save her and deafeat Hades. So really, it was AWSOME!!!!


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