Thursday, July 16, 2009

Camp Fun

Two days after we got home from France we went camping. Who we were camping with was: Aunt Amy, Uncle Mark, Alex, Nana, Bumpa, Uncle Ben, Aunt Sarah, and Bella. And of course: Rosland, Napolean (I'll tell you that story later), McDuff, and Quail. The reason for Sky being called Napolean is this. Sky kept barking at anything that passed by. He would go exceptionally crazy when a dog would go by. SO nana shouted at him one time" NAPOLEAN" and it stuck. On the first full day, we went to go to the winerys. We almost got a kitten that day. That relates to today because we were just looking at kittens. We found one we like. Anyway, back to camping. So we went to Michigan Select and wine, Clairessa, and a few others that I don't remember. The second day was more exciting that the first. We picked blueberries and found the chocolate place. Their stuff is the best in the world. The third day was swim in Lake Michigan, play Apples to Apples. It wasn't funny as the last time though. Fourth, GAME DAY!!We play cribbage, boggle and that was pretty much it. Then we had to leave :( And now, I'm sitting here writing my blog!


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