Friday, July 10, 2009


Yesterday we went home. I was sad about leaving France. I was really, really, really sad about leaving Dad. When we got home, it was 4:45. In France, it would have been 10:45. We were tired, so that was the reason we were tired, because we were used to time in France. When we got home, we had lunch, which was mac-n-cheese. I lay down on the couch. Then I got my pjs on. I got in bed and that all I can remember after t hat. After I woke up, I asked Mom how long was I asleep? And she replied, “A long time.” This Sunday we’re going camping with Uncle Mark, Aunt Amy, Alex, Nana, Bumpa, Uncle Ben. Aunt Sarah, and Bella. Mom said that we were having a game day, so we bought some water balloons. I would like to hit Uncle Ben with a water balloon. That would be fun. Hee Hee!


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