Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life Is A Highway (with gamers too)

As the title says, we drove for most of the day. While we were driving, I was playing a video game called Final Fantasy, Olivia was reading a book, Bella was, er, singing, and the adults were talking. As in the subtitle I had played my game as mentioned earlier which in it I am on the final level. In the characters I can play as and are playing as: Ekul: a male selkie who is my main character, Juliet a female selkie who is one of my favorite characters and is a bow fighter, Arn is a male clavat who I like to think of as Juliet’s bodyguard, and then finally there is Novice who is another male selkie who had started out as a mage but I turned into a pretty good fighter. The main objective is to defeat Larkeus who resides at the top of a tower and is inside of a library. Once I defeat him, I’ll have beaten one third of the game. So really when we were driving home, the ride wasn’t bad. I loved it except for leaving Uncle Mark, Aunt Amy, Nana and Bumpa and Alex.

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