Friday, July 10, 2009

Mario Bros RPG (BONZAI)

Today when I was reading Nintendo Power I saw a new game for Mario called Bowser’s Inside Story. It is for DS and it has funny lines, funny characters, new people, and a lot of 2D platforming RPG action. Speaking of which these are the people I know of in the game: Mario a main character, Luigi Mario’s brother, and other main character Bowser the third main character a big brawny doofus, finally Fawful that guy is a cuckoo person who looks as if he is a robot on a floating platform but very, very smart. In the game a mysterious disease called the blorbs is invading the kingdom and even Bowser wants to help with the research. After a quick fi1ght in the beginning Bowser meets Fawful , eats a special mushroom that turns his breath intake into a hurricane and sucks every single person that was in the meeting into his stomach (ewwwww). The objectives in the game is for the Mario bros to save Peach and get out of Bowser’s stomach while Bowser has to work with the Mario Bros to defeat Fawful, get his castle back and get rid of the disease. Really I think this is a good game and so I think I might want to get it because it looks very interesting and kind of challenging which I like my games sometimes. So completely I am going to hope that I would get this game when it comes out because it seems really interesting and I think I would very much like it.

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