Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Today was our last full day at France. Today, mostly all we did was pack, read, pack, game, read, game, pack, pack, pack, write blog. We had to stay inside today because it was raining. After packing a bit, we went to the 39 Clues hunt online. We are Ekatarinas. There are four branches of the Cahill family, Lucian, Tomas, Janus, and last but not least, Ekatarinas. These are the traits of each branch Tomas: strong but dumb. Rivals: Janus/everyone. Ekaterinas: smart and brainy, not strong. Rival: Lucian/everybody. Lucian: smart, have other people find their clues for them. Rival: Ekaterinas/everybody. Janus: very crafty, love art, I guess most artists are Januses. Rivals: Tomas/everyone. So we went online and then put our cards in the gallery and then played some games. What the games were were missions. We matched card pairs, charmed a snake and went submarining and flying. That was basically all we did.

The thing that I will miss most about France is Daddy.


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