Friday, July 3, 2009

Walk, Walk, Walk, Rain, Read

As said by the title, we had a long walk and read. Dad had left early so we walked to the bakery for some bread because that is usually what we have for dinner. This time we had it for lunch. We also walked some trails, and after that we played on the swings which was pretty fun. When we got back we read some Percy Jackson which is a book. So far in the Percy Jackson series, Silena from the Aphrodite cabin made the Ares cabin follow her in the battle against the drakon dressed as Clarisse. Then the real Clarisse (the real one) killed the drakon, but Silena had died because it had spat poison in her face. In the book, I’m hoping she goes to the hero’s place in the underworld where Beckendorf her boyfriend is because he had died from an explosion on the Princess Andromeda. Except for the rain mentioned in the title, today was an absolutely fine day and it stopped raining now.


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