Saturday, July 25, 2009

Carnival + birth-day+ b-day= MASSIVE FUN!!!

As the title reads I had two birthdays to go to, and one was carnival-based. During the first one, my cousin Kenny`s, didn`t have a theme. What we did was: I played power rangers, with Tyee & Kenny, then we all played hide and seek, (even Sadie and Livi). I was it most of the time though. Then the second one was with our mom`s friend`s daughter`s birthday (who is also our friend, weird how it works, huh?). We mostly went in the pool, but also I played a certain game twice, it was where you had to get some gum out from under whipped cream and blow a bubble. There was also a game where you pulled a sucker out of a “tree” and if it had an orange spot, you won (you got to keep the sucker.). I earned three tickets and got a gift card to target. So really today wasn`t bad at all!!!


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