Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today we might be getting a new kitten. Mom and me were at camping when the idea came up. One of the houses by the vineyard that we were going to had free kittens. So we went inside and the kittens we saw were too young, and she couldn't find the ones that were old enough, so we decided to get a kitten. So we searched online and found a couple we like. So now we're going to maybe bring a kitten home!


We got the kittens! The names are Pierre and Charlette. They are both gray. The only difference is there collars.

Today we went to Mrs. Marys. We played in the pool and held kittens. The game we played was where Maeve was a princess and me and rory were Shape-shifters and us and Luke were tring to save her from her Uncle Hades who puts her in the underworld. Actually before that we we playing a game where our father put us on a ship because of a war; then Maeve got kiddnapped and we did the whole Atlantis-Underworld thing. Afer that we had dinner it was corn, pork and pom fretes (for your information, means french fries in French.) I like it. Then we had to clean up and leave. I hope we go there again. It's really, really, really, really fun goning to Maeve and Rory's house. I hope we go again soon.

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