Monday, July 27, 2009

Camp Mirage Splashes of Time

I had a good time today. My counselors were Brighit and I can`t remember the other counselor`s name but I think it was Ann or something. I made friends with 2 people, Robert, and Dennis. After we went to the canteen, we got into the van, and started driving. When we got there I was starting to get really excited! The first thing they did was tell us what we were going to be doing, which was a test to see if our equipment was working, and if we sunk when we pressed a button and if we needed weights to help us. Then after that they taught us regulator recovery which was if you lost the regulator, that you could get water out of it and continue breathing. Then they showed us the air gauge which showed how much air you had left. After that, we got free reign! (We just had to make sure we didn`t run into somebody) I swam to the bottom, and I saw a little window that let people look into the pool from below, it was awesome! The only bad thing that happened was I dived down and forgot to put my regulator in, but I remembered the regulator recovery and did the action and was able to stay underwater. After that awesome thing, we got lunch at Tom`s root-beer stand I got a cheese-burger with fries, and then we left and then I was left waiting for tomorrow to come and the adventure it`ll bring!!!
The other exciting thing that happened today was my dad came home from France and it was really, really a nice surprise! I forgot that he was coming home today.

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