Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camp Mirage Splashes of Time

I had a lot of fun today! We went canoeing, which was lots of fun. What we did is we drove there, were told the rules and got our stuff, then got into the canoes. Oh, and just so you know, if you REALLY want to go canoeing you really want to have a bathing suit and some ridiculously funny friends to splash (at least for someone…). The mishaps only happened to us, once, but lots of others ended up running into walls and stuff! Dennis, Robert, and I were almost in hysterics the Whole time because of the ridiculous stuff that happened! But mostly it was Dennis calling Robert “Sir butt-cheek” and I almost laughed `till I cried! I know that it sounds like I blabbing on and on about how funny this was, but I might never see some of the memorable friends I made during this week again (Though I wouldn`t mind about Jelly Bean Joe) and even some people I didn`t Like were great! So it was a memorable week, even though I laughed, J.B.J cried a lot, I was hated, and I was befriended, I loved this camp from day 1!! CAMP MIRAGE!!!!!


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