Sunday, August 2, 2009


Yesterday we(me, Luke, and Sadie.) had a sleep over at Granker’s! First, we went swimming at our house. Me and Sadie were diving and cannonballing like crazy. After a while, I got cold and went out. Then Kenny, Tyee, (and this is in order.) Luke, then Sadie. After that we went to Granker’s. We mostly watched TV we watched all sorts of things. We stayed up until past midnight story: Me and Sadie went upstairs (we were sleeping in the basement.) to get some tea. Well, we got it but Granker said we had to go to bed in a half hour. But it was probably more of an hour than a half hour when she told us to go to bed. After that, we stayed awake for awhile and kid under the covers when we thought Granker was coming. We also talked, laughed, and made noises, and whispered. BED!!! Then next morning for breakfast was: rice krispies with sugar and milk. After we did that, we had to go home. We also washed the car a couple of minutes ago.
Livi 7:00 p.m.

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