Saturday, August 15, 2009

Into the mist

A two-at-a-timer. A man telling the story of his and his brother`s life. A girl listening to every word. What could be a better? Nothing if you know the land of Eylon series. It takes place before Axela Dailey, the main characters of the series but, it`s also a prequel to the whole series. All the characters are: Axela, older Roland, and Yipes are in the beginning with frequent intervals of Roland telling the story. The characters of the story though (which I`m still reading.) are: Roland, Thomas, Thorn, who`s a mountain lion, Mrs. Flannery, and now the mysterious sir Alistair Wakefield. Near the beginning the story takes place in an awful orphanage, then it goes from wild to wild as they make their way across the land to Wakefield house. It`s actually a pretty good book considering how it can be a good setter for the beginning, or a good end reader.


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