Thursday, August 13, 2009

Soccer smash!!! (Just the practice too)

Today wasn`t half bad. I woke up, got breakfast and then we started cleaning. That`s when things got better, Mom said I had soccer practice in half an hour. So when we got there I made friends with Christen, Noah, and Joe (sort of). The coach, which I can`t remember his name, (why the heck does that happen??) said that Joe, and his son would be captains because they played in the league before (that`s a good reason…). Mostly the drills were running although we also ran and passed the ball between us in one drill. The worst one was we ran around two fields and back. My favorite out of those was the one where we ran with the ball and kicked it back and forth as we were running. The one I was best at though was the drill where we ran back and forth. In all it wasn`t too bad a practice in fact it was pretty good! I had some fun at the practice today!


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