Monday, August 17, 2009

Boom, Clash, Lightning, Flash!

Mom note: Olivia explained as I typed! Whew! She had drawn lots of pictures and then had to narrate the pictures for me.

Today I went to Camp Mirage. My camp is called so you think you can dance and cheer camp. Today we did stunting, the waltz, a jump, and a cheer. What we did in stunting was this there was two bases (the bottom who are lifting up.) a backdrop, (who holds the flier and helps.) and, last but not least, a flier. (who is on top and the one people throw and lift.) I was a flier. (of course!) The stunts we did were the elevator and something else like it. Here’s how you do it the elevator
1. The two bases stand with their feet crossed together with the other person’s. One leg is back farther than the other and the front leg is bent so that from their knee down is a straight line with the other person’s.
2. The backdrop lifts the flier up and puts her on the bases hands which they have cupped on their thighs so her feet can fit there.
3. And then they start lifting her up slowly until she’s about head height and through it all, the backdrop holds her waist and at the end the backdrop holds her ankles when they lift her up.
4. And then, this is how we did it though, she goes into a bear hug and the backdrop is holding her waist and the two bases move and she drops down.
The other one which I cannot remember the name of
1. You do the same thing except you don’t lift her up you just keep her waist high.
The third one is the hopper.
1. The two bases stand straight with their feet and then they have their hands in the same position and the backdrop is holding the flier’s waist and she bends down and prepares to jump and then she with the backdrops help jumps onto the bases hands and then the bases bounce down a bit and then straighten out and hold her up.
We did the waltz for a while, then learned a jump. It went like this. You have your hands on your hips with your feet together and then you bring your hands up and clap and then you put your hands so that they are like in a circle you don’t have your fingers but just in the place where your thumb is separated from the rest and bring it up above your head. The next part is kind of quick really quick you jump and bring your arm out and bring your right foot up to it and put your other hand on you hip and kick your other foot up and you land with your hands on your hips. We also learned a dance. Actually a cheer. It went like this. You start with your hands on your hips and then I’ll sing the song afterwards. So you hands on your hips and then you clap and then clap and then clap twice and then you bend your knees and bring your hands down to your thighs and put them there and then you straighten out and put your arms in a straight line parallel to each other and then you bring one arm over like that and then kick the leg that is like it like your right leg and your right arm and kick them backwards and then turn your head backwards and then this part comes rally fast you bring everything back and then you clap and then you clap and then you clap twice and then you do the same thing. Here’s the song : Thunder and lightning will put you to the test bang crash lightning flash jaguars are the best jaguars are the best.
After that we had to go home. I hope tomorrow just as much fun!!!!!

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