Monday, August 10, 2009

A wizard named Nell

A brave heroine, plenty of magic, and lots of goofy pranks. A good book, actually in a setting of a world called Eldearth, a realm where magic is possible, and your worst fears may be a reality. The characters are: Nell: a young girl, and the main character, Owen: a trouble making boy who decides to help trick Nell`s father so she can undertake the quest, Minna: a silly little demi dragon, who`s Nell`s pet, and Beauty: an albino dragon that Nell rescues. The story starts, Nell’s birth day is here and there is going to be a party, half way through thought, a gang of banshees, screaming ghosts, bust in and try to kill everyone, Nell manages to get rid of the banshees by thrusting a wand through its body and reciting “star light, star bright, take this evil from our sight!!” about five times. After that, the people lady Fedilia, lord Taman, and Nell’s father, about if she`s the chosen one. It`ll actually get better from there, and more adventures like an escapade, love potions, and a dragon rescue. Hope people who read it will like it!!
Ekul=Luke J

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