Saturday, August 15, 2009


This morning we were watching cartoons and reading. I am reading the Eragon series. Right now I am reading Eldest now. The Eragon series is about a farm boy who’s mother came from a city to give birth to Eragon in the country and leave him there with his uncle Garo, cousin Rowen, and his aunt. Fifteen years later he is hunting and finds what he thinks is a rock but is an egg. And so his farm burns down, his uncle is dead, and Ra’zacc did it. He goes in search of them and meets Murtag. Together they go to the Varnan. If you want to hear the story read the books!!!
Papa is getting a new cat. Yesterday before we went to Uncle Mark’s we went to the humane society. He won’t tell us what cat he got but they tried out two with us and then we left and they tried out one more. I think it’s going to be Shadow, the first one or melody’s sister, the third one.


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