Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Camp Mirage Siege of the forbidden age day two

Today was a so-so day. I had got hit in the face, got a fat lip, and was made fun of by stupid Cm favs jerks. The only good part was we won two challenges and those were ones I think I`ve done before, and that we won two gaga matches aganst them. One of which I won. Originally we were supposed to make catapults but the kits that we supposed to use where not here. So Dan`s camp, which had the guy who nailed me in the face, challenged us to a match of castle ball and I got out a few times but even though they outnumbered us we put up a great fight, as we knocked out a lot of their players in including the guy who hit me. (I don`t like him at all…) Before that mess, we did the challenges of the balance and the pipes, in the pipes as it said we had to use the pipes we got and tried to: A) make it touch all our pipes, B) get it to the goal without it touching someone, C) not let it touch the ground. In the balance game we had to keep a plate form balanced for at least thirty seconds and it’s harder than it sounds, the thing leaned to the left and so what we did was we put the lightest people on one end and the medium people on the right, with people like me on the middle. It took a lot of tries, but actually it was pretty fun. The overall worst part was getting hit in the face because when we knocked out the guy who hit me he was whining at the dungeon and chucking balls at our castle ( I wish he was not in the game, but so what???). Anyway, it wasn`t so bad at the camp just the only bad day thing was : JACOB (From CMSOT.) was on the other team!?!?! IT really wasn`t that bad `cept for the one part…

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