Monday, August 10, 2009


Yesterday we did a lot of things.
· We went to Greenfield Village with Nana and Bumpa.
· We went swimming with Uncle Ben, Aunt Sarah, Bella, + Nana and Bumpa.
· We went to Uncle Ben’s house for dinner and played video games there.

When we went to Greenfield Village we didn’t really do anything. Me, Dad, and Nana had iced tea while Mom, Luke, and Bumpa went to the baseball game. After that, we left Greenfield Village. Then we went swimming. Then we played Marco Polo and me and Aunt Sarah were jumping and diving in. We (me and Aunt Sarah.) cannonballed Uncle Ben. For dinner we had pasta, chicken, corn, and salad. Then we played Singstar. We played Singstar Queen and something else Uncle Ben didn’t tell us the name of. Wii also played Wii. The game we played was Wii Motion Sports we played fencing and archery. I won one round of fencing. Then we had to leave.



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