Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Michigan adventure

Today was pretty fun! It was Maeve, Rory, Livi, and me, and we went to Michigan`s adventure! It`s actually pretty much like cedar point in Ohio, just more rides (JJJ).My favorite ride was probably the thunder hawk an awesome ride where you hang on the coaster instead of in the ride. You sit in these seats that are hanging from the track, instead of riding in a car, cool, hunh? We went on: Zach`s zoomer, (2times) corkscrew, bumper-cars (I did thunder hawk!!). Then we went to the water park where we did: funnel of fear, then the wave pools and also the snake pit which was three slides that did different things, for example, mine dropped at the ending. So really the day was awesome, and the park was great.

Here is the digital comic book Luke has been working on:

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